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DoubleDown Casino Slots Games is free iOS app published by Double Down Interactive LLC



Great way to release stress and keep the mind active, even if over 50+

DoubleDown is a cheat


Tired of spending money with your app and your app is a rip off. I am going to block this sorry cheating game!



I like this game, it's one of my favorites, but I wonder why you don't give free games throughout the day like all the others do, ,,,,give this some consideration, won't you ??

Doubledown Casino


Found a game I really like. Bought coins.....several sets now and they last five seconds. More business would come along if a person got there monies worth. I've emailed which was of no help at all.



Great game

No sound


No sound



You don’t win enough on this to keep playing

Review 1


Decent games, but recently poor payouts & daily bonus'; high betting rates and low paying bonus' are very few for the cost to play.

People, you do realize it is rigged


Without a doubt it is rigged. For example, when you log in each day the wheel spins to determine your added bonus starting the day. Well I have three devices that I log in with each day. Guess what, most of the time they all win the same amount on the opening spin. Also, if the chips are on sale, your opening bonus spin is low. So you have a choice. Pay for a rigged game or sue the developer. I prefer to sue

Change not so good.


Used to love this app then one morning the tournament was gone — no explanation. Finally found on FB page they are making changes to tournament play. 3-4 months later still waiting...very disheartening...