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DoubleDown Casino Slots Games is free iOS app published by Double Down Interactive LLC



I love the slots but not everyone can purchase chips all the time. Would be nice to get some extra chips without paying all the time. I have kids and can’t always afford to buy

Why are payoffs so lousy


I have been playing DD for about 15 years. They are the best app on the market because they have soooooo many games which are fun. However, after playing for years and years (and I play for 2+hours in a day) I’m still at level 11. How does that work. I have 2 devices that I play on. One device is STILL at the lowest diamond and my other is at the 2nd diamond. Maybe some people have endless hours in a day to do nothing but play DD. I however do not. The bonus’s are very few and far between and when you get one, the payouts are really low. Like one review said, this is not for real money so why make the payouts so ridiculously low. Yes, I’m still playing but it’s getting more and more frustrating.

Continuous lost connection.


While playing slots on this app, it will play fine for a few spins and then I get the connection lost message. I restore the connection and after a few spins, same thing all over again. Went to tech support to submit a help request. This is a cumbersome process and when you hit submit it tells you to open your email to verify and complete the submission process. Never received any emails from DoubleDown. Very frustrating and annoying. I enjoy the games, but am losing patience.

Double down granny prune led


JoanWish could be free actually be able to win

How do I win in the millions

no one has that name

I love this site and I play DAVINCI DIAMONDS all the time. I see the display of high jackpots and I wonder how did that achieve Them. I play all the time and when I get lucky and win 4 or 5 million I bet 200,000 but it won’t hit anything big are good hits long enough Just wondering 😊



What’s wrong with this game? Almost everyday or so will not load and then starts with day 1. When it finally works. Very disappointing Finally got connected today after days of being unable. Of. Course it starts back at day 1

Excellent games


Excellent games



I love it !!!! I really like the Betty white slot 😁



I was excited to play these games, especially Mystical Mermaid, but it is no longer fun. Sometimes it takes 15-20 spins before you win any credits. Not a fun game.


12Ms B

I play many different slots. This one was my first and favorite. It is my go to game. Love this. 😍🥰😍❤️.