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DoubleDown Casino Slots Games is free iOS app published by Double Down Interactive LLC

Used to be a favorite


This used to be a favorite casino app of mine. But I have found recently that it is nearly impossible to get any bonus spins. Don’t bother spending money getting extra coins. They will disappear quickly and the game becomes boring.

Bad app,

no way man for you

This is supposed to be an add, but blocks you from returning to game your were playing. Any add that does that is worthless.

Play it at the casino


It’s okay

Triple Diamond


The triple diamond game is awesome. It would be great if Double Down would have a 4X coins sometimes.



Used to love the app, the games were fun, but now there are so many crapy games that never pay, and the newest upgrade I lost my friends and daily rewards..not playing this anymore but will look for a new app! DDC you have ruined this app!






I am so done, you lost a great customer..... Every time there is sale, you turn down the wins to make people buy more. Lately, your always having a sale, so we are always losing chips. On to another game for me........


Girl Ruby

Winning is NOT A PART OF THIS GAME! You would think I was at a REAL CASINO. Come on this is just sad. I have not play in a while and I’m just finishing out the last of the coins. Then I’m just going to delete the app. you don’t even get a lot of points on the daily bonus wheel. It is just pitiful.

Great game!


Love playing this slots game. Ocean Magic is my favorite

New update stinks. 5/10/18


The new update has changed the entire game setup and I really don’t like it. No more keeping my favorite games. Hard to maneuver through to get to them.