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DoubleDown Casino Slots Games is free iOS app published by Double Down Interactive LLC

Double down


Best casino app online


Thi a

Great game



Originally downloaded to play the Ellen slots. Very disappointed. The wins are not sufficient to cover the minimum bet. Basically these games are designed to force you to have to purchase credits in order to play very long. I would not play this game at a real casino. The daily bonus is equivalent to about 5 minimum bet spins. Play for fun, but do not get pulled into purchasing credits. Seems once you buy, the number of times that you get a pay line that exceeds your bet goes down dramatically. Also takes too many spins to get to the next level.

Love2play, BUT


Seriously does anybody get a spin anymore.?????? It is bad enough you don't let us win. But then you take double points. My god, don't you make enough money without stealing???

Hugely disappointing ?


Too frequent problems with loading. Hardly ever win anything big, or rarely if ever hit a bonus. I live down the street from a real casino and have better odds at winning on their slots than here.

Great App


I enjoy this mindless fun pastime.

Great game when you win


I have fun when winning. Cuts off sometime.

Bonus rounds always crash


Very disappointed in the updates. Every time I get a bonus round or some extra spin on the slots, the game crashes and I have to log back into the game. Can log in several times and still not be able to play the bonus rounds because of it crashing each time. Not much fun to play when you can't play the fun, extra parts of the game! I don't see any great stability in the recent updates. It seems to have become worse instead of better.

Crashes a lot


I used to play everyday, but now it seems like the game crashes when I go into a bonus scene. Needs to improve.



So much fun