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DoubleDown Casino Slots Games is free iOS app published by Double Down Interactive LLC


Daniel (51)

I love the games in this casino

Day of the dead

Hawkeye Gal 2

Addictive! Finally hit a big jackpot! Treasures of Troy.....great single spin of $6 mil!😀



Like Vegas, they let you win a little and take a lot



08/23/2018.....playing this game with $50,000 chips at a time, winning nothing and the machine is taking $200,000 chips away with each spin. This is not right, please fix and loosen machines up so we can win 1 out of 15 spins. Thank you KAT 7/12/2018::::::::I'm unhappy because of two things, I'm a Blue Diamond player and I've spent my money on chips but have been getting only the smallest daily spins and only one a day. Also in playing this game I play $200,000 a spin and machine takes $400,000 out of my total but even if I win it only replaces $200,000. So my chips are going faster than I get them replaced. ALSO, It's not fair when you have a good day of winning on a game and then you tighten up machines so you don't win Once out of 20 spins. VERY DISAPPOINTED KAT PLEASE RESPOND OTHERWISE WHY DO YOU HAVE THIS OPTION..??? HOW COME I DON'T GET A RESPONSE WHEN I WRITE A REVIEW ABOUT THE GAME. I READ SOMEONE ELSE REVIEW AND THERE WAS A RESPONSE. I SPENT $100.00 ON LAST BUY OF CHIPS AND PLAYED A WEEK ONLY. TRIED TO WIN PLAYING $1,000,000.00 AT A TIME. NOW DOWN TO $40,000.00. WHICH MEANS THE PAY OUTS ARE VERY LIMITED AND I CAN NOT AFFORD TO CONTINUE TO BUY CHIPS AND NOT WIN BACK ANY. HELP PLEASE, DEPRESSED. 07/27/18......I WAS PLAYING THIS GAME AND HAD THE AUTOMATIC SPIN ON, BUT IT GOT STUCK AND WOULD NOT STOP WHEN I PUSHED IT AGAIN TO STOP AND IT TOOK MORE THAN $100,000,000.00 CHIPS. COULD YOU PLEASE GIVE ME BACK THOSE CHIPS THAT I WOULD LIKE TO SPLIT UP ON DIFFERENT GAMES. THANK YOU, KAT



This is a lot of fun to play



Like it



When will tournaments be back?????????????????????????????? Don’t play very much anymore.

Triple Stars 👎

Sally Jingles

I like a game that’s frills and a few symbols. Triple Stars is my favorite. However, it doesn’t pay very often. I’ve bought chips millions and within 30mins it’s gone fun. Whoever created this game needs to pullout a few stops. Maybe you should rethink the free chips on this site. Pretty skimpy compared to the rest. For these reasons I gave it a 3 ⭐️

Needs improvement

Qneen bee

Hey your game Needs improvement when u hit the wheel of fortune sometimes it won’t load

Cannot win!


My daily spin never gives me much and I can’t receive the free coins from the Facebook page. Very disappointed