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DoubleDown Casino Slots Games is free iOS app published by Double Down Interactive LLC

Winner winner

Jack N Lene'

So fun!

Double down great games!

Dsf bo

Wonderful games! The games are real in the casinos now. My husband and I enjoy playing together.


chica me

Best games ever Love to play the games Although a bit pricey.

Double Down is tops!


This is the best casino app ever. I've deleted most that I have and spend the majority of my play with you. Great games to select from and fantastic graphics. ??????


Slot friend

Fun to play but made for you to lose! Bonuses are seldom, thus winnings are seldom.



This app is cool its definitely entertaining

Like it !


But, can't seem to win enough to play long, needs to be looser. I can go thru 2 mil without winning much at all. I like it it's just too hard to stay in the game.



Love love love this game



Great game!!!


iPod 2528

F**K_Y*U for taking advantage of people with addictive personalities and F**K_Y*U for supporting this game (you who is reading this). For if there is a hell, you and all who make and support these types of games, will surely burn in it. If you don't understand the validity of the above statement, you are either fully aware & delusional (may seem contradictory) or have been brainwashed into thinking that 'these types of games' are somehow moral and a valid or actual form of business not a con game, just like tarot cards, astrology, psychics, and any form of religious or supernatural belief. Why don't you try the game out yourself and then make a few $99.99 purchases to relieve the 'psychological tension' that the game creates and the purchase relieves if only for a moment. Then just like a person with a drug addiction trying to get a high, here comes some more 'psychological tension' and you've got to get that fix again. P.S. F**K_Y*U