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DoubleDown Casino Slots Games is free iOS app published by Double Down Interactive LLC

No advancement


Impossible to play for more than ten minutes, even when betting the lowest, cause spins cost so much and coins deplete faster than any other slot app. Too bad cause they got great game picks.

3-4-5x wheel


Fun game but crashes every time you get a free spin you have to reboot. Still fun



This casino is the worst pile of trash I have ever downloaded. The payouts stink. The daily wheel is full of crap. AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL. Don't waste your time or money.



Love this games. It's the best one I've found. You get a big bonus everyday. I've even got 2 million on the daily bonus payout. That's better than any I've tried. I'd recommend this for sure. It is exciting an I win up an down. I think it evens out For sure. Try it ☺️

Very fun

Dre d s dre

I love this app it's so stress free and perfect place to take a breather out of life


Nonni up

This game is awesome. I play it all the time in Vegas.

Player when I am winning which happens very less often rhan your public would like!!!


Occasionally enjoy the game but when I give you big $ for credits and they last only minutes I cannot afford to love it like I would if I could get my hard earned money's worth of play. Loosen up or lose your players!!!! Money pit, go elsewhere

Having a lot of fun!!!

Eileen Towb 61

I love playing slots!!!

Not fun anymore!


This was one of my favorite slot games! However, now I rarely win enough to keep playing. These games have gone down in the payouts and rarely get a bonus! I have been playing for years and am very disappointed with the new games! Clearly they are designed for folks to spend REAL money or make large bets to win! Many of my friends don't play anymore and I understand why! One minute of play time is no good!