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DoubleDown Casino Slots Games is free iOS app published by Double Down Interactive LLC



May 21 2016 I was playing wheel of fortune double diamond and the game detected an error in the system and went off line. I had 79million points when I was playing. I went online and started game and I only had 3 million I would like to get my points back I paid for some of the points. We're did they go. Some one please help.

Terrible, don't waste your time!


I've been playing this game forever and I don't know why! I never get over a 200,000 bonus win coins. And mind you the minimum spin is 10k. I rarely ever get bonus spins and when I do it's stupid little. This game almost forces you to buy there coins. Every Time I play this I get smoked in about 1 minute betting minimum. Not very fun. The next bet up from minimum is 50k and that's like 3 spins.

Don't bother


I like the games but you can never win! You might win once then nothing. I go somewhere else. It's no fun, you go through your money too fast, no hits AT ALL.

Double down slots??????????????????


This is great

Great Fun - Best Slot Game


I love Double Down. A large variety of games and frequent bonuses and chip sales.

Double Down Casino


No wins in poker and zero wins in the slots. The spin game is unbelievably bad. me


jabber 555

While I enjoy the games it appears unless you are willing to spend money to play you can't win. You very seldom do get extra spins, no significant amounts on the rare moments you do

Double Down is fun!!!


Wins are great!!! Love this app!!! Win, win, win!!! Try it you'll love it!!! Still playing and loving it!

Fun when it works

L Bish

Loads poorly and freezes too often.

Fun, but .....

Calorie player

ripped off again!