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DoubleDown Casino Slots Games is free iOS app published by Double Down Interactive LLC



You should delete DD....This is scam.. Wow is this one a screwed up xmess.Runs like crap, no idea how many chips you have.. And they can't fix any of it!!!! Incredible incompetence!! Intolerable problems every time....such fun... NOT... Just a ripoff....

Double Down

2 Sure

This is awesome

Hella fake

The San 1

Can't even win nothing at all even wit free daily spins Hella garbage trying get u for ur money

Just want you to pay to play


One of the worst games I’ve played slots are not winners at all

Do not waste real money


I just used 1.4 million on the wheel of fortune double diamond slot at 12,000 a spin. I received 160,000 and they called that a big win! What a joke! I have been trying to get them to fix the gift spin so it will spin for over 2 months. NO FIX yet! I am giving these slots up, played 44 million and did not win anything over 4 million at 200,000 a spin. All my friends have given up on these wins. Too tight and boring! I like the App., but the slots are the worse. Cannot win so it becomes a boring past time! They want u to keep buying, NO wins........greed. We should all boycott these slots. They have a nice variety of slots, but you cannot win!

Double Down Casino Slots

Mdme B

I enjoy playing your games they are very entertaining and sometimes challenging and the payouts are generous,thanks for making it possible.I am giving you a(5)🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 rating8/23/2018

Best and worst

wish again

Best graphics and games than any other by far. Yet there is no loyalty or customer appreciation. No matter how many chips you have bought in the past this app will only give out a feeble amount of free chips to play with in hopes that you buy even more chips. Its all about selling more and more chip packages. I have bought thousands and thousands of dollars of chip packages over the years yet my free daily spin is almost always a feeble small amount of chips that go quickly as if no matter the slot you are playing it is rigged to take your free chips so as to sell you more. My advice is never ever buy a chip package. Never Not a single one.

Closest thing to a real casino!


This is the best game out there! So close to being at a casino, I love it! Can you please add another Fishing Bob and Lobstermania game? That would be awesome! All the other apps out there are terrible and I’ve tried them all and always end up deleting them! So here is an update...I asked you guys a Question this morning 8/23/18 and your person who responded got really crappy with me and threatened me! They deleted all my questions and comments and removed me from your page, you should look into who did this coz they should t be in customer service, I love your game but will prob delete it now due to this one person

Rating Review


I’m very disappointed with this app! It just eats money! There’s not enough players to win. It says you when one amount as a bonus, there yet again you might get half of it! What’s up there with that picture?!?!? It’s just another noise maker to me. Just very dissatisfied.

Mr. Slot

Downhome Xavier

One problem with this casino is moving the slots to the left in order to play other slots further to the right. The problem is that many times when I place my finger on the screen to slide the slots to the left, my finger will unintentionally touch a slot machine and then that machine will come up on the screen. I didn’t want to play that machine. If I had slid far to the left in order to play a slot deep to the right and that machine comes up on the screen, I then have to cancel it which then takes me back to the beginning. There should be an arrow that one can touch that would then move the slots one position to the left and one could then move the slots without accidentally bringing to the screen a slot that is not wanted. Other than this, the casino slots are are fun to play. MAKE THE CHANGE. If they do then this casino will be fantastic.