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DoubleDown Casino Slots Games is free iOS app published by Double Down Interactive LLC

Fantastic slot!!!!

nothng left

Joined Facebook and was rewarded with free coins. Played several hours until ran out. Love Pixies of the Forest!!! It is a fave. Do wish there was more than I chance for bonus coins in 24 hours. Oh well, one can wish.... like I mentioned, great site!!! Glad I found it!!!! 😊😊😊



This is my favorite slot app. Only wish we could get more frequent bonuses. Coins go too quickly. Good hits are not often enough. Other apps give you bonuses every couple of hours which makes it more inviting. Not everyone can afford to keep purchasing more coins. Also takes a long time to become a higher qualifier player. A lot of people enjoy this app. Just too bad we lose our coins so quickly & can’t play again sometimes till the next day!! Thank you

Love the games but...


I got an iPad and one of my kids signed into Double Down, now it does not let me sign them out, so I can never play this on my iPad. So just a warning to others. Otherwise I like this app, they are generous with free tokens.

Win Win Win

5 5 Alpha


Not fun anymore, just frustrating.


I use to like this game, even though you never seem to win anything on it. At least I was able to collect chips from Facebook every day but with the new update, I no longer can. I'm not the only person having this problem. I have contacted DD and so far nothing. None of the other people have been able to collect the chips either yet. It's not a fun game when all you do is lose.

Loved to liked to frustrated!

Lady from the Lake

I have this on both my phone and my iPad. I'm two different days one or the other would not open so they have BOTH reset to day One! How can you be loyal when the site keeps resetting you??? I'm on day 20-something in both. Fix you site so it is fair!



Great game

Always a disappointment


Want to always feel disappointed and ripped off ? Then this app is for you . Only way to be a bigger loser is to pay for this . You are part of the problem and not the solution. Please fall off the face of the earth .....

Favorite Game


Didn't get my free chips this morning like I usually do. The last few days I have lost a lot of chips. I have played lots of slot games but this is my favorite of all times. Pays off better than most and get lots of free spins. They give lots of free coins. There is no games as simple to play as theirs.

Cheryl Dunham


A little upset with you trying to make me purchase that Jar. Because I won’t purchase, you won’t let my friends give me gifts πŸ€”πŸ˜’. I now get 2 not 3