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DoubleDown Casino Slots Games is free iOS app published by Double Down Interactive LLC

Not fun anymore


Your games are too expensive to play! You could at least be free with more points daily. I used to get enough to play on, but not anymore! You are just out to make money. Of course, that's the name that the game should be called anyway!

Double Down

my ittibit

I don’t know why you have changed this site but it stinks!!!!



Bad .., missed up score , lots of technical faults

Terrible update


The games I love to play don’t open up as easy as they used to.






How I do it’s a break from the real world

Do not like new format


I do not like the new format, not all slots show up. I cannot find one of my favorites, Lobster III. Also another one missing is Fortune Carnival. New does not always mean improved!

All around Casino


Fun games, decent jackpots GS, when you get them. The game is not designed for free play. They are after your $. The blackjack algorithms are a joke! One they decide to, they will remove you from your chips, in a hurry. Also, don’t make any mistake s. I was playing the vampire slot. It looked like I was betting 60,000 chips, but it was 60,000,000 chips. Three spins, until I realized, cost me 180,000,000. Support gave me back 10,000,000 chips, ( in other words, did nothing). Enjoy, but beware. It can get addicting, and the free chips don’t go far.

Good games


Been playing a little better.

Stay away


Worse than real casino. The game is a very realistic version of the casino, but few wins. I played for an hour and spent almost $75 with no bonus. Spin after spin with no wins. I spent more here than a real casino, to my stupidity, because you CAN'T WIN REAL MONEY. Actually, I wish more people would play this so that they realize that gambling is a losing game. I've been to real casinos HUNDREDS of times and usually come home a loser (as expected). Online I expect the illusion that I can be the high roller that I can't afford to be in real life, but this game makes me feel like just as big of a loser, but worse, because I am spending real money with no chance of winning a real dime.