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DoubleDown Casino Slots Games is free iOS app published by Double Down Interactive LLC


chips for chits

My favorite slots..unfortunately measly daily chips, compared to other apps that give you 5or 10 million each day. $65,000 is peanuts, especially when bonuses are few and far between.

Too tight


Changed the stars from one to five so my review would show up, but then I changed it back to one. You need to read this review. Free coins are so low they do not last 5 minutes. Bonuses are a joke because they do not happen often and you do not win much when they do. Cannot win on this site. Other sites are much better. It is sad because I love the games on this site, but cannot enjoy them because I lose so fast. Other sites give a lot more free play and you actually win on them. I wish you would make this site more enjoyable.



Take this garbage and put it in the trash.You couldn’t win in this game if you had a Billion credits.How it’s rated over 4 stars is unbelievable,even negative reviews are given 4/5 stars.



This game is just like all the others I have played , once you hit level 9 it will take all your chips at roughly a 20% payback rate with no real hope of hitting anything like you did before you hit level 9 . Once I hit send I will be deleting this one same as all the others that play that way . If I ever find a game that doesn’t lower the odds of winning I will stick with it but so far they all seem to be the same so don’t waste your money on this one .


jeffie apples

Lots of fun that’s what it’s all about

Fun fun



One update too many


New technical issues occur every time they update making it frustrating to try to play.



New menu for game selection is pretty bad always picking wrong game and time consuming.



I’m having fun playing this game .

Double Down Casino Slots

Mdme B

I enjoy playing your games they are very entertaining and sometimes challenging and the payouts are generous,thanks for making it possible.I am giving you a(5)🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 rating 5/9/2018