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DoubleDown™- Casino Slots Game is free iOS app published by Double Down Interactive LLC

Double down


Why not get no free coin post in my email page. Need work on next month Oct month Halloween special game play????

Pharaoh Fortune

Me Again No Nickname

I have been playing Double Down casino game for many years and have really enjoyed it. But yesterday I was very disappointed that my very favorite game (Pharaoh Fortune) was removed. I really think you guys could have removed some other lame game and left this one, I don’t think we really need that many games of Wheel of Fortune. Bring back Pharaoh Fortune! You have so many lame games, at least that one was fun to play.

Saddened with the changes


09/09/19: I have been playing this game for more years than I can remember. I love and appreciate the frequent times that DD gives players money; it is the most generous app I play with the frequency of their gifting, which I truly appreciate. I love the variety of the games available to play! My review for the comments just shared is a FIVE!!! What has saddened me greatly in the last few months is the lack of amount of times that I win (which infrequently happens now). I had millions and millions of dollars with conservative betting and using no real money. Now I am below $1M using the same conservative betting and I no longer have the enjoyment in playing the games because I don’t win nearly as often as I used to. DD.....I get it: you want to make money. DD is my “escape from the real world” time due to family issues which is why I play the game....I could “escape”. Not sure what my future is with this game as of now.... 😒



This is one of the worst games (apps) you never win the bonus very rarely come up and if they do the pay out is nothing they just want you to buy coins then when you do it takes it all maybe if you could ever win consistently and have fun playing it would be worth buying coins but it is not .I wound never recommend this anyone wanting to try it DONT .......

Waste of time


The payouts are not good and you never get enough to really play. Very disappointing

Thumbs up


Fun and entertaining ❀️ this app!

Use to be fun but no more


I use to enjoy this app but no more. I don’t care what you play, all you do is loose. The app now is a joke!

Over charge


I am being charged multiple purchases when I make one purchase. Pleases review August 11 and 16 2019. Charged twice on 11 and three times on 16 when only authorized to purchase one package.

Will not open


I’ve downloaded this app many times now and it will not open. Never had problems like this with an app prior. Any suggestions? Just wanted to try the Texas Tea

Double Down Casino Slots

Mdme B

I enjoy playing your games they are very entertaining and sometimes challenging and the payouts are generous.Thanks for making it possible.I am giving you a (5)🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 rating8/12/2019πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ8/13/2019-9/9/2019