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DoubleDown™- Casino Slots Game is free iOS app published by Double Down Interactive LLC

Screen rotation


Last two updates rotates screen for 180 when i open this game, when exiting rotates back.

Jimbo 66

hero 5.

So far so good

Texas t

kentucky lee

Almost as much fun as the real game.

Boost is a scam


You pay for what they call a boost and it pays nothing. They are quick to take your money but only let you play for a short time unless you give them more money. They barely let you play for more than a few hours. The games are realistic, but what good is it if f you can’t play them very long. Went from 300 million to 150 in less than an hour

Shooting stars

u cant add

What good are bonus spins if you don’t get the all of the bonus spins or the amount or part is deducted from the before winning amount. I had 600.000 and got $56.000 on a bonus spin. However, I only received $11.000. Bringing my total up to 611.000. I am doing a $10.000 bet on each spin. There are other games doing the same. Poor programming. Someone can’t count.



9/5/19, technical issue with facebook stating that Facebook is working on an issue that is preventing users from sending chips to online friends. This is the second day that this problem has not been resolved. Thank you for your assistance

Game stinks


Don’t play jackpot happy hour. It will take all your points and give you nothing back

Breaks the bank. Your bank

Lana clagg

I like an idiot bought coins not once but three times tonight totaling close to $90. Nothing. It built my coins up only once only to not hit again for 169,000 coins. Cheaters. Forget this site


susan t miller

It’s sad when you pay for coins and then right after you do, up pops another buy for a higher amount of coins at the same price you just paid That will teach me not to buy anymore



I, too, have bought hundreds of dollars in chips hoping to be entertained for more than a few hours. This casino does NOT pay out anything. I always find it amusing because it’s fake money for them to pay out, you would think they would give us a little payback in return. I’m never buying from them again. And as far as their Friday jackpot thing goes, I hear them say constantly, even Easier to win a jackpot with one less symbol, don’t fall for it. I’ve never ever won a jackpot and I play all day and night on fridays when I buy’s been months lol. I’d loveee to talk to someone REAL who has actually won, maybe you’ll win little amounts with the bonus money you’ve collected, but I’ve come to realize if you BUY coins, there is no way they would let you win because then you would have free coins to play with and they would miss out on your purchases. Trust me, stay away. Play with your FREE coins you get

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