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DoubleDown™- Casino Slots Game is free iOS app published by Double Down Interactive LLC



Best game ever. Would love to win more.

Mr. iPad Mini


Update on new Goldify. This game crashed 6 times in a row. It is not ready for release. I have a maxed out up-to-date iPad Mini. Only app running. Otherwise I lIke the app a lot. Lots of variety. Best graphics for slots. But. . . The app crashes all the time. I cannot return to lobby. Period. I unload the program everytime I want to change to a different game. Payouts a little on the cheap side but I manage to climb the mountain. Slots are pure chance. Hardly any strategy possible. I'd give it 3.5 stars.



Good game

Double down casino


Excellent game although it can be addictive in a good way.



Double down is a fun game!

Watch your money


Every other spin this game steals twice the amount it costs to spin. Example: one spin costs 10,000 the game will steal 20,000. Especially on auto spin. Just watch. You'll see.

Fun Fun Fun

80'Z [email protected]¥

I absolutely love playing this game....

Like The Vegas Style Games


While I am really enjoying this app, I play another Vegas style app that gives you an hourly bonus and the betting isn't nearly as high. I've also noticed when playing Texas Tea on this app that when my total bet is $9,000, it takes $18,000. I verified what I was betting and then watched carefully to make sure I was indeed seeing it take $18,000.

Don't Buy Chips!


I really like most of the games, BUT, very hard to win or keep chips for future games....I just went through 1.5 MILLION chips, betting minimum, and did not get a single bonus game. Also, their daily "chip awards" are very minimal and most of the time, you can't even get chips. Very frustrating!

double down


good game, just don't pay off. My favorite game ,resembles actual casino games more than any , keep up the good work just reward your players more.very poor pay out odds,need more daily money ,at least enough to feel like you can enjoy playing for a little while,l'm an old retired guy and this is too good of a game to get disgruntled with-Thanks HCF 4-14-16. Please loosen up on the slots,You have take all the enjoyment from games5/26/1?7 games to tight disappointed Thant pay offs haven't approx 5 minutes or less out of moolacan not afford to buy credits old ma n trying to ha be fun

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