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DoubleDown™- Casino Slots Game is free iOS app published by Double Down Interactive LLC

Way too many lost connections


Way too many lost connections

Lobster Game

Mercury 1234

I haven’t played this collection of games in years!!! LOVE IT!!!! Mercury 1234



I have a favorite app. It’s Double Down!! However I have had multiple problems with “ my game” , Bombay. Yesterday I lost two 200000 bonuses because I got a “ load game failed” when I tried to put the game into effect. Today I lost one 200000 bonus. And I got a lockup when I got the three jewelry boxes. You are taking all of the fun out of your game. Please respond, Steve Booker Come on guys. Just happened again. Got a bonus of 200000 chips. Pressed on the offer, took my phone directly to DD. Load game would not connect. Cheating me out of my bonus.

Good game


I like it

Texas Tea


This game does not give enough credits to enjoy the game. Not fun!

Voucher is Gone

jeep man 2009

My voucher that I work so hard for disappeared and this is what I get to look forward to get to play this game not spending anymore money on it if it wasn’t bad enough for the odds being against me

No wins


Poor pay outs


Win Deficit

Pays for 24 hours after you buy chips and then wins are usually less than the bet. Few free spins. Love the games but don’t want to purchase $100 of chips every few days.

Signing off


Been playing game for years. I hate it and will never spend another dime. You would think paying game players would win a jackpot once in a while. Nooooooooo. So sign off forever. Keep your games.



Love this game play high bets very little rewards. When playing low rewards very low rewards , so I don’t get it. I also go to Vegas, Kick a poo, and other places and still no wins no rewards so really disappointed. But I still love Ellen D.

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