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DoubleDown™- Casino Slots Game is free iOS app published by Double Down Interactive LLC

Love this game


Use to play it in Las Vegas

Double down


Difficult difficult

Boring and a rip off

Done being disappointed

I gave this a one star rating and a bad review. As soon as I did this I could not win anything. I just had 200 spins a million a spin and I got the wheel and won 10 million. Do you think this sounds like a fun place to play? This web site is pathetic. They are just letting you win some until you purchase coins and then they take them without paying you any winners so that you will buy more coins. I hope to talk my friends and relatives who play to not play on this web site. Their coins cost a lot more than other sites. After reading a ton of reviews I am wondering why we all allow this site to take our money. Most people are not enjoying playing here so delete this site and play somewhere else where you can have fun. I am deleting this app. After spending hours reading reviews of this site. At least 99 percent are giving this site a terrible review. Could 99 percent of the people playing be wrong ? Listen to them and don’t buy any coins here. You can gather a few coins each day and they would last about 2 minutes to play.


butch bracy


Good times


Love the games on DD and realistic feeling you get when playing. Like at a real casino.



I have played this game for years! Lately I have spent several spins and have not received a free spin. Is it broken?

Great real casino slots but lacking decent bonus structure


Great real casino slots but lacking decent bonus structure in terms of free play. There’s a long wait in between redemptions.

Search for another casino game


Thinking most people don’t buy chips. But, maybe I’m wrong and maybe people do buy chips. I don’t, so I rarely win while playing these games. Plus, they advertise “the jackpot”, and does anyone really win? I don’t think so and good luck at that. I’ve been playing for years but pretty much, I’m done. This review won’t get posted. 🤷🏼‍♀️

What happened to “ Other Games “

Moch 33

You use to have other games offered with this app. Such as video poker and roulette. I would rather play those games than slots usually. I miss those games. As such I’ve stopped using this app.


jimmy tice

They never give enough coins

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