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DoubleDown™- Casino Slots Game is free iOS app published by Double Down Interactive LLC

So so


Good games. Enjoy playing. But just like most, are out to make a buck around every corner.

Technical Difficulties


Starting to have a lot of technical difficulties. Purchased chips in the morning and they don’t appear until late in the afternoon, yet my purchase was successful. I keep getting the message “connection lost”. I only play on one device through the app, and am not signed into Facebook. This morning I went to play the free spins, spun once, received the message connection lost. The first free spin did not even complete, and when i went to finish my free spins, I received the message come back tomorrow for free spins. This is getting very frustrating and it is the only game on my iPad that I am have so much trouble with.

Journey tournaments


I would like to play the journey progressive tournaments, but the scores you need to go forward are not realistic. A person needs to have millions of coins to wager on each spin to meet the goals. Disappointing.

Wheel of fortune


How can u get the wheel to give u 2 million and u get 1 free spin and that’s it is it because I don’t buy ships and just play free, u would think they would give u more than that! This app is a joke just because I play free using The free spin every day and get 2 mil and get one free spin hell thats worse than playing real and live slots.

Ridiculous bonuses

lLamest game ever

Not even exciting to get bonuses on this game. Most often the bonus starts with 2 bubbles and you get no more, even with high number of spins, I just had a bonus with 19 spins and my bonus total was 112,000. Very sad.



Had trouble redownload apps

Actual Casino Games!


This app is worth your time. If you’re planning a trip to a Casino download this app and test your luck on all games you’ll play at the Casino. Lots of FUN!

Very unfair game


I am %100 agreed with Kerbear 2018 , whoever wrote the program for this game to me did a terrible job and few times I was out of my mind and spent some $ and bought chips but in a nerve wrecking way every single hand I was loosing and I sweared I would never be stupid again and the game it’s not realistic at all compare to similar game but different app, so my suggestion is be very careful and never ever waste your money at least on this game



The daily bonus is such a let down. The more I’ve spent the less you’ve given. Every day my bonus is 85-100... Cmon!!!! Sad....... Final straw.... Deleting



Loses internet connection every 3rd spin, and shuts down. Pointless to download when it’s unplayable.

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