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DoubleDown™- Casino Slots Game is free iOS app published by Double Down Interactive LLC

No wins

lila dean

There are no where near enough bonuses free spins or gifts to even be able to play more and 2 mins I refuse to spend a dime here cus if you can’t win with free change which is what they give you there is no way you can win buying chips it’s some great games just not enough wins to play I have no idea why the reels are so tight on this app but I know this I’ll never spend any money here and I really truly believe that when the have the jackpot tournaments none of there people actually win a jackpot

U r the only one

[email protected]

Thanks as always


zorbas vent


Horrible experience. Need more coins


What’s funny is I written a long review with great details and it doesn’t even show. Any how just a Horrible experience....not enough coin and run out too quickly. This apps obviously wants you to use your money to buy more coins it’s ridiculous. You mine as well gamble at a casino if you going to use your cash. Like I said before this is a business and they obviously wants to be successful. I just refuse to spend my money especially when you can only spin a wheel for more coins EVERY 24 hours.

Love to play


Best game ever to play with all of our team friends who are willing to help us win this year. If you’re not going to come and play this game you’re missing out on a great experience.

Daily bonus


I have been playing Double Down games for years. In the past, the daily bonuses was ok, but now I pretty much get the same amount every day which is the lowest money on the wheel. Their is no incentives for me to keep playing the game. What is going on with the bonuses?



ive been playing ddc for a few yrs& it has changed , you cant win hardly nothing anymore, i use to win a couple bonuses each day& play a while but now even at minimum bet, way to hard to win, if u win it goes very quick, coin packs are too high , hope it improves soon so i can give five stars to you..

Texas Tina


Lots of fun

Double down


I love playing this game just wish that there were more ways to win



Love this casino