DoubleDown™- Casino Slots Game Reviews

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DoubleDown™- Casino Slots Game is free iOS app published by Double Down Interactive LLC


MeMere Four

I would love this game if the daily bonus gave more coins. I don’t play it as much because of this.



The title tells the story!!!

Just another scam game


This game was great at the beginning. Lost all money. Yes you get free money but did not win at all I would get a bonus and would not give me. Just a set up. I did not start wining entail I gave it real money than I would win for a while. But that would be short lived. Don’t waist your time or money

What’s the use☹️

beatsno play

I’ve been playing for so long! I try to get ahead but doesn’t happen. I have complained so much about the tokens I get every morning. I’m in pink diamond status and I still get the usual, 65, 85, 100, or once in a great while, I get over 100. Even when I buy tokens I just can’t catch a break to get ahead!! What is the use??? I’m grateful for free tokens but just can’t get ahead to really have a great win ☹️ have a great day and 😊




Enough with the pop ups!!!!


This was a great app a while back but all of the pop ads....c’mon!!! I’m done! There are other apps!



Just spent 9 million at 100000 a spin hit 1 time for 700 thousand not one free spin on anything then they want you to purchase chips to play. The hell with that

Fun, great slots


Feels like the casino. Same great slots,


Bebot D

Good and game


Got Grace

Played for a good bit and never received one wheel of fortune spi