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DoorDash delivers from hundreds of local restaurants in 45 minutes or less.
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• All the Best Restaurants: we've got hundreds of the top restaurants in your area and we're adding more daily.

• Get It Fast: Order on-demand or schedule a time that works for you.

• No Hassle Payment: Pay directly from the app using a credit card. We also support ApplePay if you have an iPhone 6 or 6+.

• Track Your Order: we provide up to the minute updates so you know exactly where your food is.

• World Class Customer Support: our famous customer support team is standing by to help with any questions or concerns.

Currently serving San Francisco, Silicon Valley, San Jose, Los Angeles, Orange County, Dallas, Houston, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Boston, Chicago, San Diego, Phoenix, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Bellevue, Atlanta, Toronto, Indianapolis, Denver, and Vancouver.

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I love doordash, so convenient!!!

Great way to order!
The Trentster

Thank you for easy app, even I could order.

expensive delivery

it's just way too expensive for the service you get. Nothing special about it.

Valentines Day Save

I’m out of town and needed to let someone know they are super special and Doordash Saved! The! Day!

Credit-My order did not accept my credit prior to charging my card. Not happy.

Door Dash did not accept the credit the was already in my account. Instead

Why the girl is ugly


Location Update Fail!

How can they have an app that doesn’t update to your current location? Maddening when it sends your food to the place you were the last time you ordered. Seriously? We all have dozens of apps tracking us whether we like it or not. How is this happening? Good great. Drivers great. App blows.

Too many fees

If you list a delivery fee, include your own fees. It’s stupid that my order went up $10 because you guys want to hide the fees till the end. You’re getting our money anyway. You don’t need to be so underhanded.


Not very Covid safe when the drivers literally tear off the stickers and either tamper with the food or eat some of it. I have a rare autoimmune disease and any type of illness can be fatal for me. Will not be ordering again, due to lack of discipline from drivers. Food is also always cold when it arrives.