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Doodle Jump is paid iOS app published by Lima Sky



Great game



Lots of fun

Stop pushing iPad app in our face!


Not everyone has or can afford an iPad. Stop pushing us and change the wording, please - "If you have an iPad, ..." End this annoyance! :(

Great game


I would recommend this game to any one who loves any kind of game.

Always enjoy

I'm Pretty Satisfied

Great game! I've had it for years and still enjoy it.

Another doodle jump ?


I love this game! I really like the costumes, because it gives me a goal and makes the game more fun. I think you should make a Doodle Jump 2 and I should still have the same themes, but every theme should have costumes, or upgrades, or both. That would be really cool if you could do that! I love this game a lot. P.S I like the gift you get for 24 days of gifts. You should have 25! =] ???

Fun Game


Very fun game, worth the time you spend on it. Gets challenging farther up, to the point where it gets hectic.

Love the Holidays?


One thing I REALLY like that no app I've seen offers…is when they update for the holidays you don't have to wait again! If you like fluffy bunny costumes just swipe the bottom of the main menu!! Also gameplay is simple, easy to learn, but still challenging enough to be fun! AND unlike other doodle jumps it's "pay n' play!" Coins don't really matter…just fun! Also love the creative obstacle changes according to the theme! Gets boring after a while but always fun to come back too! Now if your a multiplayer person one thing I HATE is that this game leaves a surprise and HAS multiplayer!!! 6 Stars!

Awesome game!


Great game, very fun and easy to play! One of my favorite phone/tablet games

Doodle consumes your life...


I got this game a little while ago. I thought it was really fun, but then one night I had a dream. I dreamt I was in the Doodle Jump land, jumping up and down with the Doodle Dude. Then, I woke up and I realized it was just a dream. I was scared, but I fell back asleep. When I woke up again in the morning, I was jumping on the bed! I was very, very scared this time. I went downstairs to eat breakfast, but I heard the Doodle Jumper jumping when I poured the cereal. I ignored it, but when I sat down with the bowl, every single Lucky Charm was either the Jumper or a monster! I screamed. I haven't been able to eat since then. I've almost starved multiple times! Now, every day, when I wake up at 6:00 in the morning, I become the Doodle Jumper, leaping off furniture and falling, until 7:00. I'm warning you, DO NOT GET THIS GAME! IT CONSUMES YOU! My thoughts are filled with Doodle... My actions, my words, my life... I'm warning you all...