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Doodle Jump is paid iOS app published by Lima Sky

What happened??


This used to be one of the best games out there, why does doodler move at molasses speed now? Sad to see this game go

Fun with annoying quirks


Annoying quirk 1: when the mission wants me to break whatever number of platforms on a level that doesn't have breakable platforms Annoying quirk 2: missions wants be to bounce on so many trampolines, suddenly the amount of times trampolines appear is cut by at least half

Best game on the App Store but...


Since the last update for ‘bug fixes’ my phone can’t run this game properly. It is very laggy on my iPhone 7. Please fix

iPhone X support


Thank you! Been a fan for such a long time!

Good game, but needs iPhone X optimization


It's a shame to have a game all about vertical space not take advantage of all of my vertical space. Fix please!

Support for iPhone X


Hey developers, you need to update this app for iPhone X

Good but no x support


I love this game, but can you please add iPhone X support?

Please optimize for IPhone X


Awesome game. Please update app for IPhone X

iPhone X?


Update does NOT add iPhone X support, and this is a game that would really benefit

iPhone X support

Tnt crash

Game is great, but please make a update to have the iPhone X screen optimized