Doodle Jump Reviews

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Doodle Jump is paid iOS app published by Lima Sky

Booooo!!! Well...


This app is so.... bad! Well it's fun at first but it's hard to play!!!! When volume is on mute you can't hear monsters and then u die. And u can't play it at all when ur phone or whatever is charging. I don't like it. You have to buy a lot of stuff. I say ITS NOT WORTH THE DOLLAR!!!!!☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️ I'm just saying...., Blazecat2662

My Childhood


This game filled the void of happiness in my life when I had my iPod touch 4, now i have a 6S Plus and I still play it.

Simple yet, phenomenal

Asian tbager

This is an all time classic and you should download it if you haven't

Quit!!!! ?

Gaming fan!!!!

Quit saying get doodle jump for iPad cause not everyone has iPads or can afford them! So stop saying the same boring thing! ???

Fun and addictive

RyGan Skythrasher

This game is super fun and enjoyable to play almost anywhere. It is a little difficult to play in the car, but possible. I love how it does not take wifi to play!

Fun when I'm bored


When I'm bored I just go and play one of my apps this one is one my favorites

Its good

Mike the 747th skelly clone

The only thing that I don't know what to do with the same time I try to get the best way for me and my dad and my mom just told my mom just asked if the world is full and the rest is the best of all the time of day I have a great way to the best thing ever I go on and I don't think you can be found on a Saturday morning at work

Had this game for 5+ years


I bought the 1$ version of this game about 5 years and I do not regret it whatsoever. Best paid game on iTunes, hands down



This is an awesome game. The quality is awesome. It is awesome. Doodle Jump is awesome. It is just really AWESOME.



Love this game! So addicting!