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Doodle Jump Race

In celebration of Doodle Jump's fifth anniversary we've created this simple mini-game.
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We hear your comments loud and clear! So:

1. We are working around the clock to improve the speed of connection!
2. We are working on a feature where you can play against your friends!
3. We are adding an option to remove ads.
4. We are reducing the number of ads.
5. We are adding more cool content - levels, outfits, powerups!

Thanks for playing!!!!! And thanks for your patience!

- Potentially a 6-star game ******
- It is like flappy bird, but multiplayer. My dream came true
- I pretty much can't put this game down, it's so much fun! I like watching as my global ranking goes up and up.
- Potentially a new classic and makes good use of the Flappy Bird mechanics

A tad tired of jumping, our tireless hero Doodle the Doodler grabs his favorite jetpack and joins a semi-illegal jetpack drag race through the treacherous canyons of Doodlandia with one single objective - WIN!

Dominate the global and friends leaderboards by winning as many races as you possibly can in this addictive real-time four-person multiplayer game.

Simple and addictive gameplay: touch the screen to go up, avoid obstacles, and WIN!!



Ok. For starters, it takes forever to actually get a person to play with, second, it’s FILLED WITH BUGS AND GLITCHES. I AM A MASTER AT DOODLE JUMP AND I GOT IN KAST PLACE.

Filled With Bugs

It’s a shame because the gameplay is a lot of fun, but this app is terrible. Has no gives you a number where you rank, but no ability to see a leaderboard anywhere. Latest issue, for days now, is that the ad that plays after a race freezes the app every time, meaning the only way out is to force quit. I understand that can happen, but to let several days go by without even apparently noticing is pretty pathetic.

Doodle Jump Race 👍

👍👍👍 love it!

Doodle Jump Race 👍

👍👍👍 love it!

Great game but

There's just way too many ads everytime i get into a new round it shows a ad and I always have to exit out every round it gives me less interest.

Awesome beans

It is awesome I wish it was in real life so I could play it myself and it is vrican so cool

Evan omira Danny

It is not really online. The usernames are really the computer.

It looks good

It look good but I can't play it but it looks ok

Are they real players
Find a good app peyt

Just asking

I can't play it, but LOVE the loading screen [uninstall]

Again. The connections are crap and I think the loading screen looks great man. It's all I can see.