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Doodle Jump Christmas Special Free

Get into the Christmas spirit with this amazingly beautiful special holiday version of one of the most addictive and best-selling iOS apps of all time, Doodle Jump!
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Doodle Jump Christmas Special Free features all-NEW STUNNING GRAPHICS, all-NEW paths and challenges, all-NEW monsters, a SUPER COOL ROCKET power-up, CHILL-BREATH MONSTER that will freeze you if you're not careful, STORE with upgrades, and much, much more!

Doodle Jump Christmas Special Free is all you LOVE about the original Doodle Jump and then some!

This is a FREE, ad-supported version of Doodle Jump Christmas Special.


Inappropriate ads for ages 4+

The game is great but the first ad was for a game called “Choices” which immediately dealt with teen pregnancy. That is not an age 4+ topic.

Love it but Add Freezing

The main problem is that when free Extra life add comes a long I click it then the screen says loading and stays like that for 1 minute then 4 minutes and then 10 minutes. Stays like that untill you delete the app and get the app again deleting all your data. I like the shoting but I think you should add more of those monster challenges I find them quite fun.

Loved it?

This app had a great theme and made me smile?


Piece of crap!!!

Christmas Doodle Jump
Cookies mmmmmmmmm!

This game is fun !!


Yay! First review. I love doodle jump even after two years :))


Awesome boss


Game freezes because of ads. Dont waste the space on your phone!!

DoodleJump chistmas

I could not even play it.It is the wurst game ever.Don't get it.

Great game

Awesome game so much fun and addicting