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Donut Jump! : Krispy Jelly Dough-nut Hop

Make the delicious donut jump to avoid touching the line. How far can you go?
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Games Free Phillip Kung iPhone, iPad, iPod

>Easy one touch game play
>Endless gameplay
>Game center support
>Most importantly... BEAT your friends!

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Ok game. Too many ads, the ads cut in between playing and it's very annoying.

Do,sjosc. Kh

Do not download

Momo dance

This game is terrible!!! DON'T DOWNLOAD!!!

Great game!
Phill kfp

Not sure why people are bashing this game it's just a simple game where you jump the donut and avoid hitting the yellow line. It's actually quite addicting!

Jump donut jump!!

Haha thought there was gonna be more to it but turns out it's very simple like a ketchapp game! It's pretty fun though so give it a shot. See if you can beat my high score at 54!!

Nice job guys....
Rich III.

Wonderful. Totally addicted!!! Very exciting and having fun playing it....

It's really great for passing the time
Katherine Waugh

Cool Game! A time killer plus a Brain Gainer! Liked ur concept!

This game rocks
OMG 1953

Smooth controls and zero glitches. I luv it!!! Really love it!

Enjoy playing to relax my mind
Alyssa Smith.

It helps me keep my mind busy and away from all other thoughts

Love it!

Got this from a Matthias video, and I love it! It's really fun, and me and my Friends are absolutely hooked!