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Don't Tap That Red Button!

Play a game on your Apple Watch!
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Games Free That Peachey Thing, LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

Tap your Apple Watch, but DON'T tap that red button!

Test your reflexes in this addictive button tapping game made for the Apple Watch!

You can play on your iPhone or iPad too!


Reflex fun
Cherry cobbler luv

Fun way to keep your reflexes sharp ... Great for all ages

Fun !

Don't tap that , nu nu nu nu, don't tap that! Great stress reliever on a bad day .


It's really fun I scored 23 on my 2nd try👍👍👍👍

Simple yet oh so difficult!

Fun to play on the Apple Watch. This game is so easy to play, but makes it so frustrating when you lose!

This game is so confusing!
Baylor rocks

I always get so confused when it just turns red! I am so confused! This game has to be the most confusing thing ever! It does not let you do anything about so please...PLEASE do not get this app

So much fun!!!!

This was so fun ; simple but challenging ! I was playing with my nephew at Christmas time, we had a blast!

Simplest Game ever
Fashion Statement...!!'

Sooo fun to play especially for ypunger kids who are still learning or just something you want to do to just have to do.