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Don't Starve: Pocket Edition is paid iOS app published by Klei Entertainment Inc.


nicolai vuyovich

Please add multiplayer like don’t starve together

Something REALLY unfair


So it was summer, I was playing as Webber and I had a thermal stone a tier 2 science machine, spider nest everywhere (cause I was webber), crock pot, and a endothermic fire pit, but one of my spider nest caught on fire and destroyed everything! I’m not gonna let that hate the game though, but there was nothing I could do about it! It was so unfair! Or maybe there was something I could do about it? I don’t think so though :(.



If you guys can fix your glitches this game would be so good.

Good game but....


We really need don't starve together for mobile it's really unfair how computer and console editions get all the love

Bug and hard to craft

Dr. Hello

First thing if you want to play this game, you should play it in Computer! Why??? Because play in phone: 1. Lack of update 2. Eat a lot of batteries 3. Your phone is getting hot in a few minutes after play 4. It’s hard to craft thing, need to click 1 by 1 !! 5. Last update, still got bug : no more giant monster in ROG !!!

Good game


Don’t starve pocket edition is a very good game, not only for the play style, but for the art style. One thing I am begging for the developers to do is to “Please update the game and allow multiplayer!”

Sound doesn’t work...


I’ve tried everything to get the sound to work on my phone for this app, but nothing works. I’ve closed it, deleted and reinstalled, turned the settings off and on. Nothing. I really wish I could fix this.

As good as on Steam. Worth every penny!


I originally bought this game on Steam, and after an hour of playing, got used to the controls for the iPad. Game is still ridicuously addictive, I love the added storyline. 10/10. My only complaint is that sometimes I accidentally attack something or set it on fire... kiting an enemy is also nearly impossible now. Can’t kite the tree guardians anymore, for instance. Still, considering this version of the game is built for a touchscreen, still awesome. The replayability of Don’t Starve is ludicrous.

This game is great but...


I absolutely love this game but I really wish they would add a mode where you don’t have to completely restart upon dying (maybe you just lose your inventory). It’s really frustrating to be playing for a while and then losing everything.

Awesome Game!


Hey! This game is great! But one issue you haven’t added fences, yes I know that it is pretty lame but just like on pc where I could make doors and fences to make a pig farm, berries farm and etc is where If there just hay, wood and rock wall and no gate/door creatures such as pigs, beefalo and probs volt goats can exit through. I know it’s seem lame but tbh to me it’ll be game changer. Thanks and love this game on mobile and pc ^^