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Hey Viktor! I'm late from office, hurry up pick my briefcase. Fun addictive pet dog game with thrilling and exciting pet animal tasks to accomplish. Give a baby ride and drop them to their living room. Get the toy and give them to baby that is cry for it. Hey doing some tricks that your master wishes. After that go to lawn and play with your master. GO and pick the Frisbee & give back to your master. Hey Viktor Are you ready to take bath. Go and find your master hidden things from garden or other various places
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Go and catch the cat that spread trash all over the lawn. Trap the cat and hit to win that level. Your master and entire family plan for picnic. So stay in home and don’t any one let to enter in the house. Go and catch the thief in this stunning game of pet simulator. Amazing dog role playing gameplay scenario with surprising tricks of pet dog. Join to train your dog and also play some hide and seek object games.

Spacious loft for your pet dog. Play with baby and also give some rides.

**Main Features**
• Easy to play
• Baby care dog customization option
• Find hat, water bottle etc for your master
• Catch the thief by hit him back
• Don't let the cat run away from your approach
• Sensational pet dog tricks


It's realistic and of course cute but a little laggy but it's great! 😸
Ali Cat 😽

I think it's a pretty fun game and I think u should try it and also the characters look AMAZING! It's super cool and u should try it.

Hiding spots

Every time I try to get away from the bad guy he finds me so can you make it so there is like a hole in the wall or something?

I’m not liking this game with lvl ten so hard

Why dose lvl ten hav to be so hard I can’t pass it

Good but hard

The robbery level is really hard.I kind of hate the game

The Robber

I loved this game, but I wish you would not have a robber go inside the house. I tried playing that level when I unlocked it. The level was terrible because the robber kept beating me. I had to start over like four times! I was very angry because dogs are my favorite animals in the whole world. I do not like getting beat like that, especially playing as a dog. I do not think it would be a great game for four and up. I hope you could maybe change that. I just got this game and I already don’t like it.

Good but

There should be a level where you find the mate and another one when u get the puppies like on the pictures

It was fine 😕

This game is okay it was very hard for me to move and you can’t jump which really bothers me. And you can’t change your skin and you can’t do a free roam you have to do the levels. It also gets very annoying when you try to move and then it brings you up close. I rate this game a 2/5 stars I did not in joy it.

🤕 sorry to say shut up

I like it but shut up

This level is so hard
pink hearts addy

I love this game.I have been looking for a game that you are a pet and this game is about you being the pet and protecting the house !And it is the only one I have been playing on my iPad but I can not beat the level where there is a robber in are house I just can not beat that level he beats me every time !!!!If some how you can make this hard level easier please do that it would be amazing. Please I would play this game a lot and if I beat that level I would be so excited it wouldn’t even be funny please do that would be amazing if you read this please try to make the level easier thank you for reading this have a good day bye see you if I write another review bye.

A few suggestions
SSG Dusty

Maby add a little more levels and add coins when you finish a level and you can buy dog skins with those coins and maby change the stair animations. And maby change how big the robbers view so it’s not so big and make the dog a little faster. Other than that I’m a dog lover so I love this game so much.

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