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Dog Horoscope Booth: Fun games with your Pet

An insightful and detailed analysis of your dogs emotional and physical state! The dog horoscope app takes a photo of your dog’s face & displays your dogs reading.
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Games Free Elaine Heney iPhone, iPad, iPod


- 100’s of canine horoscopes
- Ability to save & replay all horoscope readings
- Supports email sharing to all your friends
- Supports facebook & twitter sharing
- Beautiful graphics throughout the app for all iPhones, iPads and iPodtouches
- VERY EASY to use

"Pooch perfection: An insightful and detailed analysis of my dogs emotional and physical state. The spookily realistic description of my pet is a definite must have for all dog lovers! The relationship between me and my faithful friend has continued to blossom now I have a deeper understanding of his mind, needs and way of life." Hounddog99, UK

"A woofy well done: A detailed account of my dog's past, present and future, with an enthralling description of his personality, charms, and doggy ways! Love this app, and so does Jimmy (my canine companion;-))" Caninewarriorrr67, UK

"Such a cute idea! - Just created a bunch of horoscopes for all my dog's buddies at the dog park. It was a hoot!" Boywithk9.

"Funny - Dogs horoscopes are a hilarious idea! Haha" TIMLYDY.

****This app is for entertainment use only and does not contain true fortune telling features***


Cute, but no.

This app is fake... I took a random picture and it still did a reading! I think this app randomly generates a quote about your dog! But the app is cute.


I love dogs and know my own dog by heart , so when I scanned him it gave all the wrong information, but since he likes it, I guess I do too.

don't get this
don' t buy

don't get it, it won't work it just keeps turning off

Good app
Tomlinson 4ever

Good for kids and family


It got my dogs personalities just right!


It is so awesome I luv this game


The game is like the wrst thing ever non to mand

NIK :3

The app is all right. It got my dog right! :)

Hope it good
Lilly girl!🐰

I got the cat version and I think it's funny

Best dog

My dog is the best

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