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Dog Face Filter Effects for Snapchat

FREE for a limited time!
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Photo & Video Free Thorolf Winter iPhone, iPad, iPod

Free | Color filter | Photo Editor | Automatic sticker placement | HD picture quality | 200+ Face combinations

Get the dog face, you ever wanted to have!

With the new Snap Filter Effects Dog Face Edition for Snap Chat you can get your favorite dog face, and impress your friends.
You always wanted to know, how you look with a dog face, then get yourself now the new Snap Filter Effects Dog Face.
Take a picture, get a dog face and share your fantastic photos with your friends on all social media platforms (Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat).

For an indescribable look, we have paid particular attention to the best HD screen quality. Only now free for a limited time!
That's how it works:
1) Download the App Download
2) Choose a picture from your album or use the camera function
3) Get a dog face with the integrated Photo Editor
4) Choose any color filters and editing so that your image addition
5) save your photo or share it directly with all your friends


-Free (Only for a short time)
-face detection
-HD Image quality
-Photo Editor
-color filter
-200+ face combinations
-Social Media
-no hidden costs

Compatible with iOS10 and all iPhone and iPad models (iPhone 4-7, iPad / mini 1-4)



Okay so i usually don’t write reviews but this was so disappointing i had too. ~the camera doesn’t work ~Waste of time ~nothing like Snapchat ~doesn’t even work ~dog filter just sits on screen does NOT focus I was very disappointed by this app and i do not recommend it Once again DO NOT DOWNLOAD (You would be wasting your time)

Alexis moon??

This was horrible the camera didn't work it's glitchy and stop trying to be like snap chat because this!! This was horrible get a life and stop!! Making games Jesus

Not worth it !!

The apps dog filters are glitchy and are big and do not fit your face

So asome ??????
Boothing 101

This is best filters ever

Voloco User

I hate it, it's glitchy, and it doesn't even turn with your head.


Faces glitch and you can't turn your camera worst app ever done recommended it?

Love it ??
Best baby finder

This is like the best app ever I love ? it so much

More mithril

At first I thought it would be great but then it said something about the camera so I was kinda mad and then it said swipe up to apply dog face but it dident do eney thing so I'm bummed now.I now have to look at how Maney stars there are?????????