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Dog Beauty Salon

Dog Beauty salon game for pet dog lovers. In this game first complete bath of the dog with soap and shower clean the dog.
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Games Free GameiMax iPhone, iPad, iPod

After care the dog with give food, nail cutting, brushing etc of the dog.

Very attractive part of the game is toy section. In this section dog play with toys after sleep on the bed.
Finally dressing of the dog with dress, goggles, scaff etc.


Worst game

All you can do is bath the dog the rest you have to buy ????????


This is not a good app

13vin- A B C 123

You can only bath. I am now dieing

DON'T get

I got the full game and did not like it at all! I don't Recommend getting it!

Don't get the boring game

All you can do is bath the dog and its boring. And you can also dress it up but it has horrible CLOTHES!!!!!!! And the rest is just BUY!!! DON'T GET THE GAME ???????????????????

I like this game

The dogs are cute,so what if all you can do is give it a bath you can always delete the game??????????

Not recommend

Don't get if you don't like spending your hard earned money??????

Abc I on po

If you get this app you aren't that smart

Sassy mc queen

You get to do 2 things,(rinsing them and putting shampoo in)!!!! How boring!!

Worst game ever
Kaylin Bunny

I'm Kaylin and I am 8 this game is the most boring game ever you can only dress it and give it a bath. I read the reviews on this game and still got it. I have know idea what I was thinking. I wish people would not waste there time on this game!!