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Dog Ate My Homework - Crazy Puzzle Popper Blitz Mania

“Oh no! My dogs ate my homework!"
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Get back your homework! But to do that, you have to find the right dog who ate it!

This simple game of speed will test your eyes and reflexes! A game that gets challenging every time you get the answer right!

Imagine all of your cute doggies rushing in,

Not to hug you,
Not to cuddle with you,
Not to lick you,
Not to play with you,
BUT to eat your homework!

Will you make another one? No!
Go to school without it? No!

The best thing to do is get back your homework! But to do that, you have to find the right dog who ate it!

Can you figure out which of your cute & adorable dogs ate your homework?

The challenge - every time you find the cute and furry culprit who ate your homework, the game speed goes faster.The more that you catch the right dog who ate your homework, the more points you acquire and the more challenging it gets!

Can't follow them? Try to guess it and test your luck!

Unless, you want all the hard work you gave into your homework lost in the hungry tummy of your furry best friends!

Unlock all the 12 cute and adorable furry doggies in the game and tell us who you find the cutest and most irresistable!

This game is free to play and for all ages!
In-app purchases available to unlock the rest of the cute puppies!
Supports all versions of iPod, iPad and iPhone.
Don’t forget to give us a rating in the App Store!
12 cute and adorable puppies


It's interesting

Very interesting puzzle game, enjoying it very much :)

Kids loving it!

Very fun and addictive game, my kids loving it very much.

Fun and Addictive!

Really very fun and addictive game. Can't stop playing!

Cute dogs!

Very nice game and dogs are really very cute. Just can say Awesome!

Nice Game!

Very nice game to kill time, there is tough challenge..even we can't blink our eyes for a moment but Still would like to see more variety in this coming versions!

Superb homework saving game

Hey let's find your homework hidden behind the cute dogs , loved the game more and more.No. 1 game which I never play before it's having fun. In my weekend time this game make me fresh from stress. This game is addictive. Simple game and I m very happy after downloading it. So from my view download it it's having fun and this game never disappoint you, if you want awesome fun just download and enjoy.

Funny Dog Puzzle Game!!
[email protected]@@

Hey i downloaded this funny puzzle today, i like the dogs picture in this game. They are really very funny!!

save your homework and had fun!!
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cool game just imagine your childhood days of completing homework.superb app with my favourite dog as featured and main element of the game, well I am addicted to the game very much waking up every morning started playing this game. Living my childhood days cool and full of fun really a different app with all new concept, when my friend seeing me playing this game he asks me the name of the game and immediately download this app and started playing this game with me, love this app very much full entertaining app with nice features and cool graphics sound of the game is awesome and all I need is to at it more and more without any disturbance.loved ittt

Nice guessing game!! cool
ivon_vesei dmanigg

yeppieee very good guessing game I like it very much and enjoyed playing it.very beautiful game, awesome graphics soothes my mind, loved playing this for long and feeling relaxed after my work. clear and sleek controls forces me to write the review for this beautiful app ever, never written review for any game this is my first and for the best game I ever played, just download it once and enjoy the rest playing this game, awesome happy and enjoying playing this game.

Really a nice game
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Hey, cool new game with new concept I love the game it's nice to play with doggies and saving my homework from them by finding the homework hidden behind them, looks cool and awesome graphics makes the game love able so download and enjoy. Real game real fun!!!!