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Download Dog Astronaut Jumping in Space – Flappy Crush Impossible Puppy Dash

Dog Astronaut Jumping in Space – Flappy Crush Impossible Puppy Dash

Have fun with a playful puppy who loves running and jumping on platforms and it's always ready to join a crazy adventure! Jump for your life from one planet to another, be the best in this space race! Start the space journey today like a real rocket pet! This addicting game for kids and adults will win your heart in a matter of seconds!
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* Play Dog Astronaut and get bouncy!
* A cute puppy is a space astronaut and it needs your help to jump high!
* Wait for the right moment and JUMP to the next platform!
* Beware: Don't jump too soon or too late, or you'll fall off the platform!
* Guide your space jumper on this jumping journey by using simple and intuitive tap controls!
* Day changes to night as the hours pass by, and the other way round! Can you jump for 64 days?
* Your cute space puppy gets new cool looks as days go by - try to see them all!
* Easy to master, physics-based gameplay!
* Awesome action and adventure game that you can download for free and play without any time limit!

* Fire the jetpack and your astronaut dog will bounce as crazy! *

This brand new and challenging game of vertical jumping will make you train your brain as well – what you must do is to use logical thinking and calculate approximately when is the right time for your cute puppy to jump to the next platform! The size and the speed of platforms is different, pay attention to it! At every twelfth jump, day turns into night, and vice versa, and it will go on like that for 64 days!

* Bounce carefully and avoid all stupid ways to die! *

Show your good skills! This hyper fun jumping animal adventure with a cute dog puppy is a very popular jumping game for girls and boys, kids and adults! Play with your cute pet dog and see how happy it is when it jumps! Get Dog Astronaut Jumping in Space and prepare your fingers for crazy jumping action: tap to jump and make your puppy fly in the outer space! If you are a fan of platform jumping games and “dog games”, download this “action adventure game” for free and blast off on your crazy journey!

* Your doggie is waiting – set it in motion and make it jump up! *

Get one of the best 2015 space dog games for kids and adults and get ready for some serious jumping action! Be sure that this is the best of all fun free dog games for little kids – stop searching for running and jumping games and entertain your little adventurers with this addictive game of 2015! You will have so much fun in this spacey puppy land that you won't notice the hours pass by! Make your doggy dog jump better than your gran and beat your own high score!

* Try out the best astronaut jumping game! *

Monkeys, monsters and zombies indulged in temple or jungle races have become dull – try out this new game of space jumping and play with your jumping pet dog endlessly! This funny arcade for kids will take you on a joyride through the starry sky, planets, asteroids and comets shining in the outer space! Above all, this is also a cool jumping games for girls - this jumping adventure offers the best gaming experience for both boys and girls, kids of all age, adults and all casual gamers!


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