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*** Featured on *** The perfect tool for improving your singing voice! See exactly what pitch you're hitting, and work on steadiness or vibrato. Strengthen your passagio. Compare to reference pitches from the included keyboard.
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Music $9.99 Emilia Azure de Martinez iPhone, iPad, iPod

Don't waste time with more expensive programs that need a computer and a cumbersome microphone setup -- Do Re Mi Voice Training is more accurate, and uses your device's built-in microphone. (External microphone also supported.)

"It is very sleek and simple and allows for both male and female voices to practice singing correctly in pitch ... The great part of this app is that it helps lock its users precisely on pitch. This helps give the users a sense of sharpness or flatness." --

Getting started:
Hit the record button to begin. Tap one of the piano keys, then try to match that same pitch with your voice. As you sing, the app graphs your pitch, showing you whether you're too high or low. Try holding your voice steady in the center of the bar.

When you're comfortable matching a pitch, you can use the app with any of your regular voice exercises (if you aren't sure where to start, search for voice warmup exercises online, there are lots of free examples). You can sing through scales or slide between pitches while using the app to make sure you're staying in key. After warming up, you can also use it while rehearsing a hard section of a song, to make sure you hit the right pitches exactly.

Background noise:
This app works best in a quiet room or away from background noise, but if you can't manage that, you can still adjust the volume meter to compensate. If the app is picking up too much background noise, tap the volume meter and drag it to the right to cut off excess noise. Be sure to drag it left to increase sensitivity when things are quiet again.


Very nice

Helped me train my voice so i could make my choir try outs, gotta get this app!!!

BEST APP, this is what I've been waiting for. By sweetdream, Sept 21, 2011. V1.0

I'm seldom like to write a review, but this app is exception. I feel lucky that I found this app (cause there are so many apps and sometimes I bought some apps that I don't like). I've been using this app everyday for over a month to train my voice. I love it cause I not only can hear my voice, but I also can see how my voice appears on my iPad screen, that really help. Thanks the developer, you are genius.

Satyugjit Virk

It's wonderful and very accurate!!!

Working voice feedback program

This app is a working version of a voice feedback program that will help teach you to sing on key. It does not have lessons, so youo need to know something about singing to use effectively.

Does what it's supposed to!
Josh A N

This app has helped me improve my ability to match pitches, it's great

Good app...some items for the next update wish list...

I am a voice/music theory/multiple instrument teacher to supplement my income as a recording artist/singer songwriter/record producer and engineer. I work with kids and adults ranging in age from 4 to 75. The bulk of my teaching is voice. I am a passable keyboard player, and I used to play scales while my students warmed up. I have an app that does that now, (not this one, but it would be cool if that was integrated. ;-) so I can focus on my student better, watching their breathing, etc. The more I am able to watch and listen, I notice more instances of students going flat and/or sharp. When I make a note of it, and bring it up during the session, a good deal of them flat out deny singing that way. I record all of my lessons, but even on playback, sometimes the student will not hear where they are going flat. This application is SO good for those students, because while their warm up hasn't changed, they can see the place where they slipped out of tune. It is an excellent tool to teach with, and the students love it, because it is more instructive than me saying, "You were flat there in the 7th measure." That's great, but they sang it that way because they thought it was correct, and on recording, they hear it as correct. With this app, all doubt is removed, and it is time to work on the parts that didn't work, instead of trying to convince them that they did, indeed, slip out of tune. What I'd love to see on this app: Playback! I searched and searched, and I still believe that just MAYbe I am missing it! There is a recording function, so...why wouldn't there be a playback? I have to believe it just isn't there, or I'm blind as a bat, and someone will email me and tell me so. I'm using an iPad 2 with the upgraded OS, in case that matters. If I'm not missing it, and it's just not there, it would be so great not to have to try to sync up the recording I made independently of the app TO the app...a bit of a waste of time. Scrolling back to the beginning...I have tried and tried, but I can't seem to get the app to scroll back. Again, I feel like I'm missing something, but there are no instructions on the app that I can find, and scrolling doesn't seem to be something that is available. Those are the two big things that come to mind. I would gladly pay $30 or more for this app if it had those features. It is one of very few tools I have found in the app store that I find indispensable while teaching. Thank you!

Hate it

Worthless crap


Works great as advertised. I would low to be able to record a session and be able to set upper and lower levels but still it is a great program

Jth Texas

Works! Requires a quiet(er) setting and some good volume from singer to get the most out of it.


Best app I have ever purchased. Great for the tone deaf like me