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DO Button by IFTTT is free iOS app published by IFTTT Inc

Can't Sign-in on iPad, no iPad Version


Can't enter anything into the user ID or password fields so useless on the iPad. Seriously?

Simple and Effective


It is simple, it works when you use it, has some nice interface, and has a good selection of external integration.

Great App, just needs a little more functionality


It's great for doing what it does and doing it well. But it'd be better if it had the ability to connect to more apps and services.

Not bad, not great


I like this app because they had the foresight to build in 3D Touch. But with a toggle switch, like a light, it still opens the app and I have to then press the toggle. I should be able to do that with the 3D Touch. Additionally with the wemo switch there is a 10-12 second latency before it does anything. There is less of a latency just using the wemo app.

Life changing in small ways


Love it


Pdx -er

Love it

Totally needed for piper users

Abq Michael

This ap does what the piper app is sadly missing. It lets you arm or disarm your alarm almost instantly.

DO Button


Helps to keep track of what you choose to track...

Needs improvement


The today widget button titles only appear for a second and then disappear. The icons are all the same for each button belonging to a certain product so that makes the widget buttons useless. Please fix this. Also, in the app, buttons take up the whole screen. Why not open the app to a page of buttons and their respective functions so we don't have to swipe through them all?

Titles still disappear in the widget


The titles still disappear after less than a second when using the widget, which is the only reason to use this app, and that makes it impossible to differentiate between buttons. It's clearly not a priority for the developers, so goodbye. The best part is that tapping the 'contact us'/'I have a suggestion' option, the app crashes. Give this app a pass and look for something better.