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DO Button by IFTTT is free iOS app published by IFTTT Inc

Easy to use, fun to create.


Easy to use, fun to create.

Great app. Almost


A do after so many minutes option when you hold the button for a bit would be great. Otherwise I love this app for its availability and function.

Promising, but serious shortcomings


1 star because the widget is worthless. The text under the widget icon disappears in 500ms, rendering it impossible to know what the buttons do. The widget is really what makes Do (and all ifttt recipes) worth anything.

Very Helpful


Very useful for repetitive tasks, like logging a time or location



This review would be higher if the button didn't constantly crash when creating recipes using a Gmail channel on a 5s.

do button

Ddddan 281

I love it keep it going

Not bad, a few misses though


Works as described for the most part. ...although in not sure why it just doesn't use IFTTT recipes I already have in place? Also, I have a bunch of WeMo Insight switches... Problem is you can't change the Do Button image, and the text that describes them disappears immediately after they load in your notification screen. have to remember what order you keep them in! Seems like an easy fix though... All in all, good app. Needs some tweaks though.

Works well. Need an iPad version


Please make an iPad version!

Love it but Not working!

Marbles Fandango

Suddenly not loading anything, even if connected to wifi. Tried deleting and reinstalling but now can't login. Help!

Near perfect...


Great application. Easy to use.. A lot easier than the regular IFTTT app. Only thing that really missed for me is I only use this for controlling my WeMo lights and I have switches... I have no clue what do button is which from the Notification Center. I think begin able to choose the color of the switch we be awesome, or maybe even including a picture. Also it won't load correctly on my Apple Watch. Keeps saying add do buttons.... Which as I stated I have 5 but they will not load. Kinda annoying.