Direct Express – 5332 Reviews

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Direct Express – 5332 is free iOS app published by MasterCard Worldwide

Web Card Can’t Be Registered.


Will Not let Me Register New Card. How can This Be Fixed???



It’s not letting me in with my card number. It’s saying it doesn’t exist even trying to register it’s saying wrong card #. I’m confused as to why

Oh New app for DX


It cool make easy 2 apps 5116 and 5332 on first nbr on card .. look good as colors on App Store icons so thanks so much ..... oldest app was direct express card keep frozen sometime till I found out today so thanks again

Confusing & agitating


Nobody as customers received any type of email or text stating that the other app didn’t work anymore OR that another app (this app) was created for certain users pertaining to the first 4 numbers of your card! You just can’t get in the app anymore and hopefully have the knowledge to know how things work to see if there’s an update or new app. An older person or someone LESS cpu/technology smart wouldn’t have known what to do! Please communicate with the cardholders MORE & provide more information. Please & thank you..

Crazy app

re neee 63

I’m frustrated I have the Xr10 iPhone this app will not let me in I need to check my balances it is very frustrating I have downloaded twice this app thinking that would help but it has made it worse please help me

Problems with app for iPhones XR & iPhones 11


I have an iPhone 11 & my husband has the iPhone XR. I had both iPhones downloaded with the app, but when our iPhones updated last night, it wiped anything from DirectExpress off of our iPhones. I finally got mine back on, but y’all may want to check because my Samsung still had the app on there. It’s only with the iPhones. Thank you!


Sexy Dawn

I have been experiencing trouble with this app since the change. I am already registered from the previous app. I wish that it didn’t change at all. Previous version i did not have a security question and this app is just dang gone ridiculous.



It won’t let me in my account at all says it locked me out !! Deleted and redid numerous times!!! This is ridiculous!!!!



My card won’t register !!

New app is a bad joke


I have been unable to successfully use app.Keeps circling me Dom register app to app already registered but will never actually open.Stinks