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Flo’s back in the biggest Diner Dash game ever—the latest and greatest in the world’s #1 hit time management series!
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Roll up your sleeves for the breakfast, lunch, and dinner shifts, because Flo needs your help. With speedy service, please customers and earn big tips to keep the town’s diners in business and fend off Mr. Big’s brigade of Eat-Mor fast food restaurants!

Strategically seat, serve, and satisfy hungry customers to earn tips and big rewards! Cater to each customer’s unique demands while overcoming new challenges from VIPs and troublemakers alike!

Play 150+ levels across four unique venues with more levels, restaurants and characters to come!

Keep tabs on over 20 customers with distinctive personalities and demands like the coffee addict, Shakes McGee, or the nefarious cheapskate, Skip. Pay special attention to VIP characters to earn rare rewards!

Upgrade your restaurant with helpers like Moppo or use valuable boosts to amp up your speed and abilities!

Connect with your friends to help each other succeed by sending gifts or compare progress to see who’s ahead!

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Diner Dash is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, which will charge your iTunes account. You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings.


It’s a good game but also bad
kittycat taytay2003

In my opinion I think it’s a really fun game, but I do agree when people stay they don’t give you enough energy to play and that it’s a ridiculous amount of time to just get only one energy. It’s like a 20 min wait just to get one energy. So my only complaint is about the energy limit, otherwise it’s a really fun game and I think you should check it out. Sincerely, ~Taylor~

The impatience is unreal!

I don’t think it’s humanly possible to get through levels if the customers are going to get angry and leave for not having attention for 3 seconds! At first I was having fun, thinking I’ll get far into the game but it was such a buzzkill to see how impatient they get. I can’t even serve two groups without another having a red exclamation point above their heads. If it was slower, I could’ve continued playing, but that was pretty disappointing.


I’m giving it only 3 stars because even though it is fun it’s so annoying how you only get three energies. Some of the levels take more than one try to beat and by time you beat the one level that is impossible you have wasted all your energies and have to wait 90 minutes in total to have all three energies again. Although I do like a challenge there should be more energies and the wait shouldn’t be so long. On cooking dash you have 50 groceries each level costs 10 and its a one minute wait for each to be refilled which isn’t bad at all. Also the cash needs to go we should be aloud to use coins to pay for power ups and things needed to upgrade the diner. It’s not fair that the crappy upgrades can be bought with coins. When playing u rarely get cash and when u do it’s only 1 dollar. There’s need to be more energies and less of a wait for it to them to be refilled. Also the cash needs to go and everything should be bought with coins.

Waste of time!!

Having only 3 energies is horrible. Some of the levels are almost impossible to beat without making all the upgrades in the game which mostly cost dinero. I tried the option to win free dinero by downloading Another game and reaching a certain level. Never received my dinero. It’s been weeks and I’ve been back and forth emailing them for them to keep telling me they sent it but didn’t. Complete liars. I’ll be deleting the app

Fuckery this !!
love this game once

This game is a waste of time and money . You have to wait 30 mins for 3 energy in which you’ll use them up in one level. It’s impossible to beat MOST levels and it gets super frustrating. It’s ridiculous. Don’t waste your time people ! This version is clearly Not worth it

Crashes frequently

This game crashes frequently, and doesn’t appear to have had an update in 2 years. Your lives are spent on the game, and most stages don’t give you any lives back, and you’d have to wait for 30 minutes for a life to return, but you can only hold 3 lives! This game freezes and crashes so frequently, it’s not even worth having on your phone.

Major Problems

At first glance this game is fun but there are major problems. First of all why is it so difficult to serve customers that get upset and leave quickly and then you have to pay for upgrades and you can't earn them. And some of the levels aren't fair at all. There are definitely some problems with this game that makes it not even worth playing to begin with.


This game only gives you 3 lives (or “energy”) to play, and you lose them even when you win a level. It is 30 minutes before you get another life. Therefore, you can only play a few minutes at a time, unless you want to pay. Upgrades essentially require you to pay. Everything $$$$. I used to love this game growing up, but now you basically can’t play with how it is set up. And I refuse to pay hundreds of dollars for a game that used to be $10 for unlimited play. No thanks.

Don’t even know where to begin.

This app has changed so much. Once you get to higher levels they are impossible to beat because none of the customers are patient. As soon as they arrive they have 1 heart and within 3 seconds they leave. You can’t even get 2 minutes into a level without 6 people leaving. The fact you have to pay real money for fake money in this game is absolutely ridiculous. You only get 3 lives and have to wait 30 minutes for more. There’s way too much going on at once in this game. It needs an update badly. I wish I could give It zero stars

It’s my favorite game,but lots of annoying problems

So first of all,this is my favorite game. It has so many levels and new people keep coming in. I love this so much!! But it’s annoying because you only have 3 energy’s and you have to wait like 30 minutes to get more energy. I don’t like any other games that much only, diner dash but when i run out of energy i have nothing to do because i don’t really like any other games. Also why are all the things so expensive. I have tried saving up my coins to purchase things but i never have enough coins! I’ve always wanted one of the hats that help out,but i never have enough coins! A few of the people are also VERY inpatient! Like the barb girls,and the boys you that where the beanies and listen to music (i forgot there name) and those weird machines that you in the third restaurant there really hard! I’m sorry if it seems like I’m complaining, i honestly love this game with all my heart but there are some things i don’t like. If you can please fix the first one,where you have to wait 30 minutes for energy!