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DEWALT® Mobile Pro™ is a full-featured calculator and reference tool designed especially for construction pros. It comes with a construction and scientific calculator plus calculator templates for area, length, and volume, as well as estimating studs, drywall, and concrete slabs.
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In addition to the free capabilities, DEWALT Mobile Pro offers in app purchases for construction topics such as carpentry, concrete, business math, finish materials, trim work, landscaping, site work, and more, all developed with professionals in the field.

DEWALT Mobile Pro is designed specifically for construction pros.
• Provides instant answers to critical job-site questions.
• Remembers the math so you don’t have to.
• Uses real-world examples to explain concepts.
• Helps you visualize the situation with detailed illustrations.
• Offers a wide range of trade-specific add-ons.
• Gives you instant and exclusive access to valuable content.

DEWALT Mobile Pro is a handy mobile resource.
• Share calculation results instantly by email.
• Find previous calculations quickly in stored history.
• Search, filter, and create favorites to make calculations easy to find.
• Access DEWALT resources directly from the app, find service centers, and more.


DEWALT Mobile Pro includes the following free capabilities:
• Powerful construction calculator that includes feet-inch math for lengths, areas, and volumes.
• Area, length, and volume conversions.
• Area and volume shape math including circles, squares, rectangles, and polygons.
• Formulas for estimating studs, drywall, and concrete slabs.
• Access to DEWALT resources directly within the app.

The free calculator includes the following features:
• Feet-inch math for lengths, areas, and volumes.
• Decimal and fractional math.
• Powers, logs, trigonometric, and hyperbolic math functions.
• Calculation history with fast recall.
• Store results or calculations in 10 memory locations.

In addition to these free features, you can purchase all add-on calculations in the Master Pack or individually for:
• Business math
• Carpentry
• Concrete work
• Construction math
• Electrical
• Finish materials
• Landscaping
• Site work
• Trim carpentry


Great, but more instructions

This app has everything you need, but I need help understanding it, could you add more details as to what means what and possible videos so people just starting out like me can understand and learn more, thanks


The default is 1/8”. I really wish it was at least 1/16”. For professionalism.

Just bought.

Paid for carpenter addition. Doesn’t have rafter calculator. I want my money back.

No longer works and hasn’t been updated in two years
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Wish I knew it wouldn’t work on ios 13 when I bought a bunch of calculator packs a couple weeks back. Garbage and should be taken off if the app store if it doesn’t get an update asap


Crashes on landscape mode

Was a fantastic app not so much anymore

UODATE - I was able to redownload the Addons but only if I was co texted to a WiFi network. The app would not recognize my cellular data connection. This an issue that should be resolved but since the app is doing what I want it to do I will edit my rating. The Add-ons I paid for are no longer showing in the app. When I click the add more calculations it says it can’t connect to the App Store. I was so disappointed when I went to use it today for some plant spacings just to find out that was missing from the app interface. If the issue gets resolved in a timely manner I will happily update my review. It’s a shame that an app I’ve used for years and really loved is no longer as good as when I first got it. ?

Common rafters

Doesn’t have common rafter configuration. Even after I payed the $5 for the constitution add on. But I did get a bunch of junk I’ll never use.

Soooooo stuuuupid!!!
why is thus app so terrible?

What a waste. Go to calculator and devide 10&1/2” by 2 and the answer is in decimal!! What the heck dewalt?! Did you even care to pass your garbage by a builder?! This app is totally useless in a basic function of dividing lengths and presenting the answer in a usable format such as to the nearest 1/16”. Which is what a builder will want!!! Get a clue, and don’t get this stuuuuuuupid app. Wish I could give negative stars

Field Super
Mares Canis

Hi Guys ! Thank you for this great app,I’m sure it will be better and better with every update. Keep the good work.

Can’t ask for a better app

This app is amazing. I can’t ask for anything more. Yeah their cordless drills are absolute garbage, but this app is spotless. I mean what other app tella mowing time, paint amounts, YOUR MORGAGE????!!?!? You don’t see porter cable pro? Milwaukee mobile pro? Nope. Dewalt or nothin.

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