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Introducing The Detroit Free Press eEdition app, where subscribers can read The Detroit Free Press on iPhone and iPad with all the stories, photos and ads shown just as it appears in print. Subscribers can use their current account login to access current and back issues.
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Not user friendly
Dan 48154

Not a fan of this app. It is prone to freezing and crashes regularly. Reading the print edition on a half screen is not very much fun. It is also hard to navigate through the paper on line.

A step down from old e-edition

This is not an improvement. Hard to read pages


This new app is absolutely horrible. Does not work well at all. Does not fit or center on the screen. The app always open to a front log in type page that does not work, just spins and spins. Can get out of by cancelling at some point. But for what? A horrible app. I will have to stop reading the free press if they get rid of the previous app.

Over with

This just validates how they could never get out of print..... Terrible execution, terrible launch , terrible management..... How can you launch a news app this late in the game and it doesn't even work properly? Just close down already!!!

I like the E-Edition App!

I've been using the old app for years and was used to that and was not crazy about having to get used to a new app. However, I do like this app. It is easier to read the entire article and I like the way the page fits on the half screen. Then, all I have to do is touch another article I may want to read. I reviewed the new App before using it more than a couple days. I NEVER had problems with the old App. With the new App, just about every other day it freezes up and won't work as the E-Edition. Instead, it wants to work as the Freep, and I don't want/ like the Freep. PLUS, I'm paying for the E-Edition, NOT the Freep!


Hard to navigate, user unfriendly.

App Doesn't Work

I've used a similar app from another Gannett paper, the (Port Huron) Times Herald. It works just fine. This app doesn't work at all. I've never seen an e-edition using this app. I can log in but all I can get is a bad version of the regular app. It is off center and not very navigable.

Reesa D.

The old app worked perfectly. This one freezes, shuts down, doesn't load articles properly. I give it 0 stars. It's really horrendous!!!

Will not open

The app won't even go past the login screen.

Works Beautifully!!

I am very impressed with how the app works! For months, I've had a subscription but have not read the paper much because of the difficulty of reading it online. Once I downloaded this app, it made reading the paper a breeze. I'm so glad to finally have a way to easily read the paper and take advantage of my subscription again! The size of the print is easily adjustable, and it is easy to go between the newspaper image and the reading view. Searching is also a breeze. Although you can print an article, I wish there was an easy way of saving/clipping an article to a PDF other than taking a screen shot. Although there is a little bit of a learning curve, I'm glad that the app is working well for me.