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Dave has had ENOUGH! This poor man has been trying to get a good night’s sleep for weeks, but the loud construction noise next door has kept him awake and made him FURIOUS!
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Games Free SkyWorks Entertainment Pty Ltd iPhone, iPad, iPod

Join Dave on his mission to be as destructive as possible as he wreaks havoc on Mr Goldman and his construction team. Dave will travel the world across 5 wonderful countries where he will track down the construction company’s next project and smash them into oblivion.

•Several addictive levels set over 5 countries including; Australia, China, England, France and the United States of America
•Unique weapons and powers reflecting each country
•See each country in their daytime, afternoon and evening glory
•Unlock special features by hitting your mystery friend (did someone say chicken!?)
•Compete against your friends – and the world – across our international leader board for high scores in each game
•Easy links to post your scores on social media
•Upgrade your weapons to a selection of impressive weapon packs guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping to take destruction to another level
•Enhance your high score by obtaining three-stars for each level
•The more you play the more features you can unlock

Destructive Dave contains challenging physics-based game play and hours of replay value. Each level requires precision, skill and a determination to succeed. Destructive Dave is suitable for all ages, and is supported on IOS devices.

Let the destruction begin!

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