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The most popular home design game in the world with 7,000,000 players!
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Over 200,000 five star reviews and #1 around the globe!

Have you ever wanted to build, design and decorate your perfect dream home? Now you can in App Minis’ latest game, Design This Home™!

Become a superstar designer as you decorate and expand your house! Customize every element of your home: arrange furniture, put up cabinets, paint the walls, renovate the floors and more - anything is possible in Design This Home™! Increase your home's value and collect income from your residents - the nicer the home, the more cash and XP you'll earn!

Incredible variety! Choose from different styles ranging from modern, traditional, country, Southwestern, European, Asian, Victorian and many more!

Over 700 items to customize your house with! No other game in the App Store has this much variety!

Your creativity shouldn't be constrained to a single space - you have an entire house to decorate to your heart's content. Customize your residents, share your house with your friends, clean and fix up your home, and earn rewards by completing tasks.

In Design This Home™, there really is no place like home!


- Over 700 items - the largest home design game in the App Store

- Expertly crafted high-quality retina art and animation

- Customize every aspect of your home, from the floors to the walls and everything else!

- Nine full-sized rooms to construct and decorate

- Choose from six beautiful floor plans!

- Own multiple homes!

- Add your friends as your house residents

- Frequent updates, new items, seasonal decorations, tasks, and more

- Intuitive and easy to play for all ages

- Universal app - play on either your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad!

- Share your home with your friends over Facebook, Twitter and email

*NOTE: DTH has a minimum requirement of iOS 4.0 and an iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 3G (16gb/32gb), or iPad*

Design This Home is an ever-expanding game with new content planned regularly.

FUTURE FREE UPDATES: New items, new residents, new floor plans, gardens and landscaping, neighbors, monthly contests and more!

We want to hear from you! What would like to see in Design This Home? Let us know by reviewing the game or visiting our website!

Design This Home™ is free to play and also offers in-game currency that can be purchased. If you would like to prevent yourself or others from making purchases, please turn off In-App purchasing in your device settings.

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Change overview!

I love the game but can you guys change the overview so that half the room isn’t cut off when the walls are up. That makes it easier to style the rooms. It will be a 5 star rating if those things were changed ☺️

My opinion on design this home
michaella marie h

Personally, I love this game so much! The thing is, nothing matches unless you have coins, and getting coins is nearly impossible, that is unless you buy them, which I’m not going to spend money on a game. That’s just my personal opinion, but I wish they would allow it to be kind of like bakery story, where you have neighbors, you can gift people things, etc.


Really love it!

It still needs fix
Need bars

Still crashes doesn’t give you your credit I like playing but come on. .

Katie boo ya

Very fun game to play. I love it but you only get a certain amount of coins and you can’t earn them very often. The rewards are ok they are not great. Overpriced on some items. You also need to wait for like 12 hours on some of them. I have always had to wait for a minimum of 5 hours. Therefore if you would not like waiting this game is not for you. It is still very fun just takes a long time and can’t earn coins when you need them.

unsatisfyed customerrrr

I had barely started playing and it crashed. I started playing and didn’t want to wait 20 mins for furniture to be “delivered”. Absolutely terrible I DO NOT recommend downloading this app.

Fun....but could be better

Some items seem to just disappear. I have has a sofa disappear several times and a lamp disappear. I paid for those items so I lost money. I wish there were ways to earn $ers. The people do nothing but walk around the room, they do not even sit on the furniture.

Can’t even play

Won’t even load

5 star

It is perfect for something to do when you're bored

It's ok but...

I guess it's ok but I don't really love it... But there's nothing to do it's boringπŸ˜’ Hey and I'm just saying BY:Claire Claire220