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Desert Falcon Air Hunting - Ultimate Predator Kill

Air hunting season is on the scorching heat of the Saharan deserts, where top of the line professional hunters try their luck to become the champion of this desert hunting safari.
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Gear your weapons and get ready to face off against the giant air predators in Falcon Hunting Simulator. See if you have the eye of a true hunter to take out these stalking predators in mid air with your professional hunting shotguns.


Experience the thrill of larger than life hunting, when you go up and close to the dangers of the wildlife. The wild deserts of Sahara are filled with threats and dangers that can leave you running for your life.

Be smart and deliver the shots when needed on the right time. And if you feel there's not a better shooter around, think again. See if you can still take the better of these fast flying birds without the need for cross hair, going completely manual with ironsight vision.


Incredible hunting experience truly realistic to real life shotgun hunting

Take part in various hunts throughout the Saharan desert to rank highest among other hunters

Encounter different wildlife animals who attempt to hunt you down while you target the aerial falcons

Earn reward points by killing attacking lions, tigers and leopards to score high in each hunt


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