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The Des Moines Register is now on the iPad! Introducing The Des Moines Register Print Edition app, where subscribers can read The Des Moines Register on an iPad with all the stories, photos and ads shown just as it appears in print. Subscribers can use their current account login to access current and back issues.
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OK first effort

This is a straight .pdf version of the paper. Given the large format of the paper it can be difficult to navigate. Hopefully Gannett will invest in an app more like the NY Times and Wall Street Journal.

Iowa vacationing

Why do I have to reenter my email and password over and over? And then, to get the current day's paper I had to delete and reinstall the app! I know developers can do this correctly. It feels like I'm not supposed to read my subscription digitally.

Too clunky I might as well read the print version

Usually I give fair to excellent ratings but not in this case. The NY Times has a much better app for cruising and reading on my pad, phone or desktop. This is too clunky, poor response, the ads are way too intrusive (even more intrusive than in the actual hard copy). As has been pointed out before it's basically a semi indexed PDF of the printed paper I get each morning except that it is harder to read in this application. I will be interested to see if they decide to actually create a smoother app as the NYT has done. I hope so.

Give it a chance

Once you get used to the format, and the different functions, it actually works quite well. Just give it time, and learn how ALL of the different functions work, and you will likely love it just like I do. I mean seriously... For $10/month (about 33 cents/issue), you can't really complain. I actually prefer the print edition app over the app for iPad. Give it a chance.

Great improvements
Harlan Reader

I have always liked this app because I like to read in a traditional newspaper format, but I was frustrated by it's slow responsiveness and frequent crashes. Love the new changes! It is faster, hasn't crashed at all, and is much more responsive to page changes. Makes reading the morning paper much easier and more enjoyable.

Rendering & download

Letter spacing is often messed up. Occasionally links to other pages where articles continent are incorrect or stop after one link even when article runs three or more pages. Today's edition download started with page A5 not A1 with no option to reload the edition.

Doesn't Open

I registered my name but could never get it to open. If it's a pay thing, at least take me to a pay screen so I can buy it. But it just spins for a few seconds and just sits there.


Bad to sell something that does not work.


Never actually worked. You put in an email address and basic info but can't log in. It really is the worst app I've seen in a while!

White screen

I cannot find any way to contact the developers to report this issue, so I will try here. The editions page is just a blank screen with the letter "a" on it.