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Demotivational Pics is free iOS app published by StuckPixel, Inc.



I'm a bit embarrassed to write a review because I just realized my apple account is called ice mix kid (I made it when I was 7 don't judge) but besides that random statement this is a super funny app. Probably one of the best apps on my phone. Has a better system than ifunny!

Love the long-awaited addition


of the comments section!

Better when it didn't crash


It use to crash on start up, but when you reopened the app it worked fine. Unfortunately, something is wrong & it will not even load. I'd give it a better rating if it actually worked & the quality of the app has gone down.


Lee "TR" Turner

Yea, really, it's funny, now stop asking me to tell you what I think. Ya'll got some kind if inferiority complex or what?

Daily Viewing.


The ads now have no option to exit after viewing them, requiring you to exit the program and restart. This should be fixed.



Funny stuff gotta love it

Love it


I Laugh all day:)

Does the job!


Nice, no charge humor. Usually laugh out loud at something, every day. Agree that caption text could be better, by enlarging .

Horrible with recent update


Seemed to have 8 or so new pics daily, now lucky if you get one. Most are just recycled



Always entertaining! Love the quick and easy download option.