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dB Sound Level Meter - Noise Volume Measure (Decibels) Free

Easy to use sound level meter with great accuracy of measurements
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Works on my old iPad2r

I can't speak as to accuracy, but this is probably just fine for delta measurements. Totally works and no annoying ads! I was so happy about that I clicked over to the sponsors page!

Paxton the dog

I think the first 3 reviews are fake. This app does nothing. In dead silence the numbers fluctuate between 52 and 64. There's a very loud outdoor party going on at the house next to me. Someone yelling on a microphone, or some kind of amplified something, music (if you call it that)...50+ people all yelling at the same time. If I go outside, the app still fluctuates between 62 and 64. Games keep piping up every few seconds that you can't close because there's no "x" to close them. You have to go to all the apps that are open to get back to this one. When I clicked "rate this app" it went to a blank screen with an arrow in the middle that spins continuously. This happened 5 times. By going to the App Store, I was able to go back to this app and choose "leave a review". Don't download this app, it's not an app. There...I just saved you 30 minutes. Now, go spend the next 30 minutes doing something you really enjoy.

Doesn't Work ...
disappointed in the build

Downloaded app to get a reading of noise outside my home at midnight to lodge a complaint and the only thing that worked were all the over-screen ads to buy this or that in the app store. Seriously? that's why you developed an app?? geesh...

Everything it claims to be

Very easy to use Simple read out Useful tool to determine if you need further technical testing

Great App!
Mark Messi

It is very easy and simple to use. This very much useful for me. Lastly great app.


I want to be able to measure a specific noise level at a specific time, then be able to reset meter to zero and recapture another specific noise level at a specific time. This app can't do any of that!

Worthless App!

Don't bother, doesn't work with my iPhone 5s, iOS 8.3. To bad a star rating is required, it doesn't even deserve one star...

Nice sound meter

Just and described simple and easy to use app that measures noise volume.

A fun app to test your voice

A very unique and interesting app. I haven't seen anything like it.

yinbo rocky

very usefull

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