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DayTasks - Personal Task and Day Organizer

Easily Categorize and Manage your Tasks by the Type of day it is!
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DayTasks makes it much more easy to manage your tasks by only showing you the ones that matter!

Think about it…You wouldn’t want to clean your closet on a sunny day, but you would want to on a rainy day, so shouldn’t your phone only tell you to clean your closet if it’s the type of day you would want to actually do it?

How it works:
When you open the app for the first time any day, you will be prompted to choose what type of day it is. You can create as many types of days as you want. Once you select the type of day, you will be shown all the tasks you have chosen to be appropriate for that type of day. Don’t worry about forgetting about a task before it’s due — You can view all your tasks sorted by due date easily from anywhere in the app.

Key Features:
- Unlimited Tasks
- Unlimited Type-of-Days
- Due Dates
- Check Off Tasks
- View All Tasks organized by due date and see each task’s Type-of-Days
- Apply as many Type-of-Day to a task as you want
- Change between Type-of-Days throughout the day as much as you choose


Melissa West

this is useless unless it can go landscape. Please make it rotate

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