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Daylite 6 for iPhone and iPad is made to accompany Daylite on the Mac. Daylite requires either a Daylite Cloud account or Daylite Server Admin application to connect.
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Daylite for iPhone and iPad is an on-the-go productivity tool designed to help small businesses grow by managing relationships and commitments. Keep organized, share your contacts, stay on top of your schedule & tasks, track new business & manage your projects wherever you are.


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Take your business with you wherever you go in one app.

See all your appointments, tasks, projects & sales opportunities today, tomorrow and for the next 7 days on the home screen.

Your business history is always with you. Reference past emails, phone calls, meetings, projects and sales opportunities.

Be prepared for anything that comes your way. Schedule meetings, find contact history, create tasks and set reminders all on the go.

Use opportunities to keep your focus on winning new business with reminders every step of the way. All related details are connected to the opportunity so nothing slips through the cracks.

Collaborate with colleagues. Share client and project information, delegate tasks or review your teammates calendar and stay connected when you’re out of the office.

Track projects while on the road with an easy-to-use system so that you can focus on delivering on time.


I run my life in Daylite
Mr Shevitts

I have used Daylite every day since I purchased it in 2003. I use it to run every aspect of my life, both personal and professional, and would be lost without it. I have it with me always, on my phone, my iPad, and my Mac. Its amazing ability to save and link emails has brought me untold benefits. The publisher, MarketCircle, continues to improve the product and backs it well. My few interactions with customer service have all be excellent.

A Great iPad Component for a Great CRM!

This program well imitates the functionality and features that exist on my Mac. I am just as comfortable accessing my mail and contact database using my iPad as I am when on my MacBook Pro. The fact is this, there is no other program on the market that even comes close to the functionality of Daylite! I am always looking to build a “better mouse trap”, as they say. If there was something better, or even equally as powerful, I would know about it!

The WORST Customer Service.

The Daylite app has not been meaningfully updated for 20 years and remains cumbersome and not intuitive. Daylite does not integrate with anything useful. But most importantly, if you are in business, you will find that Daylite’s Customer Service is consistently rated among the worst. And I have learned this the hard way. Daylite simply does not respond, period. You can’t call them. They have a meaningless chat option that literally takes days to work out any problems. For businesses that need responsiveness with office management software issues, AVOID DAYLITE. There are many alternatives.

Worst app ever. To many glitches


Slow. Crashes all the time.

If I wasn’t required to use this app I certainly it would not. It slows down my workflow tremendously. Forces closes on my device 89% of the time. The only thing it is useful for on mobile is the notifications. The functionality it provides when it works is wonderful.


I was reluctant to move our data from “local” to the cloud. But once we did, any of the small issues we sometimes had, all cleared up. Some of these reviews are critical of Support .... that astounds me. Whenever I’ve needed support you guys are always there, mostly the same day, with very clear solutions. ????

Good... but could go to Great
Captain Servo

Good app. I am not aware of any CRM product that integrates into the Apple ecosystem as well. It has some weaknesses that prevent me from calling it great. The task management is a bit unrefined for GTD adherents. This is especially obvious when you are managing several hundred tasks. Also, it is best in class for email integration. The problem is that written digital communication has moved beyond to systems such as Slack, texts, social media, etc. (Even BusyContacts OSX could recall Apple message texts) It would also be helpful to initiate calls using various services from within the App. Syncing with other common platforms such as Exchange, Office 365 and Google is also a needed must. You can buy third party services to add some of this functionality, but the cost starts to dramatically go off of the planet. There’s also no community forum to exchange best practices and there is no open communication that I am aware of from the company on the road map for future features. Daylite is good, don’t get the wrong impression. It just could be great and rock the entire space.

It’s fine
My app review 64

It’s designed for sales more than other things. I’ve used various versions of Daylite for more than 10 years. I’m disappointed that some changes haven’t been made so it’s more useful to other industries. It seems reasonable to be able to set up lists of things to do for a project or event without having to manually change objectives or projects. Many things need to occur in some industries before the event, during and then afterwards and that is not easy with activity sets or pipelines. I’ve tried to get recommendations from support (who are very nice) but it’s more work than it should be. I’ve provided this feedback for so many years and am told they may make changes but they don’t. I end up using list type apps that can manage a project (tasks, rosters, and things to do -before -during -and after ) along with Daylite and that’s sort of silly when you have Daylite cloud. I’ve also tried to use this for other work Projects such as class. It’s just not user friendly and some tasks that should be easy to set up and use- aren’t. The best think is the mail integration (and the only reason I stuck with Daylite. The iPhone app crashes on my iPhone 6, 7 and now still my x. It’s frustrating. There are some great features but I suspect it works best for the sales industry and probably plenty of other groups

Best Mac and iOS CRM

I’ve been using Daylite for about 15 years and I’ve bootstrapped 2 successful businesses in that time. Daylite has been my secret sauce the whole way. It allows me to coordinate ALL my resources in one place: team members, projects, meetings, tasks, opportunities and sort and dice the data in a way that lets me bend it all to my will. So powerful, simple and elegantly designed. Wish I could add a 6th star!

apps constantly stop syncing

I have been using the ipad and iphone apps off and on for months. Syncing with exchange mail works only for a couple of days usually then fails. iCloud sync is fine, but thats not the point. It is rendered unusable quickly, and i have deleted and reinstalled the app so many times I have lost count. Also removing the exchange mail account itself causes the app simply to hang in delete mode forever, i have to actually delete the entire app and reinstall it as well as the relevant accounts. I have with market circle support tried VPN on/off and other things, but those aren’t the issue. It might be 2FA on exchange that is the issue, but no sensible company would get rid of 2FA on the hope of better app mail sync. Terrible release and even worse, months after release there is no fix. Why trumpet an app that fails in its most basic use case? In this day and age, not good enough.

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