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Daylite 5 for iPhone and iPad is ONLY compatible with Daylite 5. Daylite requires the Daylite Server Admin application to connect.
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Productivity Free Marketcircle Inc iPhone, iPad, iPod

Daylite for iPhone and iPad is an on-the-go productivity tool designed for iOS 7 to help small businesses grow by managing relationships and commitments. Keep organized, share your contacts, stay on top of your schedule & tasks, track new business & manage your projects wherever you are.


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Take your business with you wherever you go in one app.

See all your appointments, tasks, projects & sales opportunities today, tomorrow and for the next 7 days on the home screen.

Your business history is always with you. Reference past emails, phone calls, meetings, projects and sales opportunities.

Be prepared for anything that comes your way. Schedule meetings, find contact history, create tasks and set reminders all on the go.

Use opportunities to keep your focus on winning new business with reminders every step of the way. All related details are connected to the opportunity so nothing slips through the cracks.

Collaborate with colleagues. Share client and project information, delegate tasks or review your teammates calendar and stay connected when you’re out of the office.

Track projects while on the road with an easy-to-use system so that you can focus on delivering on time.


Sync problems - unreliable in transferring information
Mike and Rachelle

Daylite is a great option if you will only be sitting at your Mac all day. If you are looking at the IPad app, you likely wish to access your information on it. Be aware that you may not be able to reliably sync all information. I.e. One of my contacts with over 300 DMA additions, would sync only 13 of them. In v.4, Marketcircle was never able to resolve the problem. Technical support was caring and responsive, but just unable to identify and resolve the problem. Marketcircle has already acknowledged it is essentially the same engine, and therefore cannot guarantee the same problem will not happen again. Initial testing suggests their assessment was an honest one.

Great update!

I've been using Daylite for 5yrs now and this is probably the best iOS update yet. Just having Spotlight search on home page makes the update worth it! I've been asking for this for a couple years now and it makes my workflow so much quicker. Thanks!

The Best of Its Kind!

This is hands down the best customer relationship management solution available for any computer platform or mobile device. It syncs your todo lists, appointments, projects, companies, etc, with each client in your database. And it does it automatically. To get full use of this program you must have Daylite installed on your Mac. Using it on just you iPhone or iPad has little benefit. Most of the engineering happens on you Mac and then syncs to your handheld. This solution is not cheap. But, there is no other program that has the same functionality. I have tried them all!

The best of its' kind but ugly
[email protected]

Daylite is a VERY good CRM application. However, the iOS app went backwards in design from version 4, there are no customization options and version 5 somehow managed to dull out an infinitely colorful retina display. Even the Mac version, which is a necessary part of the program suffers some of the negatives of the iOS version, albeit to a lesser degree. If function were placed above form this would have been a much better review.

Please make Daylite play nice with other apps

I really love daylite and haven't found anything comparable to replace it as a crm and project manager. That being said it would be so nice if we could see native extensions for daylite like many other new apps. I would like to see daylite actions in launch center and IFTTT, better caldav syncing with reminders to enable siri usage, notification center integration, Icloud and dropbox integration, and evernote and devonthink integration. I know marketcircle claims that they are concerned with security but they should let us decide how big that rusk actually is. If daylite could learn to play nice with others I can see it transcending out of it's current small niche and becoming more ubiquitous (and perhaps even cheaper). Daylite is definitely an amazing crm but unfortunately it can be inconvenient in a rush.

Works good but

Works good but would be great if the app would be updated more often. IOS 8 has been out for months and no integration with the new Notification Center widgets.

Best project management app for the Mac.

I run my own small law firm, and Daylite, as well as Billings (their time management and invoicing app) are the best out there for the Mac. I have used the app for the last seven years, and it has been a godsend for managing all of my cases, and keeping emails, calendar events and contacts linked to each case. The iPhone app keeps getting better. One thing that would be amazing is if Marketcircle could find a way for emails to be saved and linked to projects on iOS. This is mainly a limitation of the operating system, unless they updated the app to serve as it's own email client.

Great productivity tool for iPhone and Mac!

I have been relying on Daylite for almost a year, and I love it! I use it for nonprofit missionary work to manage donations and donor histories. The iOS app is a great addition to the standard desktop app. It allows me to access my info from anywhere. That’s essential for my work, both here in the United States and when I’m travelings in Central America. Excellent product!

The best CRM for Mac.

Does not sync on background as advertised, what it does is a sync at logging, I ask the question before upgrading and the answer was not clear, the new design does not justify the 50% charges for the upgrade.


Have been using Daylite CRM system for two years. It is flawless, effective and I can't imagine life without it.

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