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Strong 2 stars, Weak 3

The idea behind it is great, but it's still way too buggy to be better than a weak three stars. If Marketcircle addresses the issues, which I'm sure they will (hopefully soon), it's an easy 4/5 stars. My business (and I) run off of reminders, but they don't work properly on the iPhone, iPad, or Mac applications; essentially making it useless for my business. PLEASE fix ASAP! I can tell I would love this - if it worked as it's supposed to.

Daylite 4 is the best!
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Works flawlessly! Best relational database bar none!

Take control of your professional and personal life!
Leonardo DaVinci

I run a medium size law firm with 15 employees. We use David Allen's Getting Things Done (GTD) methods for managing our tasks. This is a fantastic way to take charge of your workflow. We needed a Mac/iPad/iPhone based software package that is GTD compliant that would serve as the core of the system, to track all pending matters, tasks, contacts, goals, plans, case status, calendars and workflows. After 10 months of extensive research we selected Daylite. We hired Daylite consultants in our city to migrate 10 years of data from TimeMatters (windows system) to our Lion server. This has changed my life and turbocharged my practice and firm. The software for Daylite 4 and Daylite Touch is new and a few bugs are being worked out, with new features constantly being added, so I expect this app will go from 4 stars to 5 very soon.

Just doesn't work

Upgraded to 4.0.5 on the desktop looks great and seems to work well. Then installed Touch 4. It does not show the calendar at all. Contacts are there but the primary use is the calendar, tasks, notes, and objectives. But there are NONE. Someday this might be useable but not this day.

Great calendar app!

I love this app! Also happy that the Daylite Touch mobile calendar is now part of Daylite 4 and no longer an annual subscription.

Good concept but unstable
Dr Babaa

This app is good in concept. Must be used with a server/desktop version. Connections are hard to keep to the server... App is unstable an crashes frequently... Looking forward to stability if the ever get around to it.

You are on your own.

It is hard to conceive how this company makes it. The software has potential but the company refuses to provide support. You cannot get anyone on the phone. They refuse to accept money for support You are relegated to waiting for email responses? What business realistically expects to solve implementation issues via email? In order to get the program up and running, expect to spend multiples of the cost of the software on a third party consultant, the only way to get viable support. This is particularly true if you need to convert voluminous Outlook data. Of course, Market Circle provides a video that covers this topic thoroughly according to their support. It runs 45 seconds. I think it would be cheaper to go the MS Dynamics route since you are going to need extensive third party support if you intend to do anything useful with this software. It is extremely difficult to install and configure. Why a developer who is focused on the business market would not provide accessible support is beyond me. If they wake up in time, they might discover there is a large potential revenue stream in support.

Barely functional

Other reviews stating, "Good concept, but needs work," are spot-on, if not charitable. I'm not so charitable. It seems like I'm a beta tester for their product. Constant crashing & loss of entered data. Nightmare getting sync to work. I wouldn't mind a refund and purchasing a competitor. Maybe it would be less frustrating to learn how to use databases & sync via DropBox. These guys charge a lot of money for something that occasionally works. We started with DayLite 3, one year ago, updated to 4 - paying again - and still can't really use it. There's a niche for a competitor to come in and do this right & steal DayLite's clients. I nearly resent this product.

Horribly executed, neat idea

As with all Marketcircle products (I've used them all extensively), this one is poorly coded and thus highly unreliable. It has many issues with basic syncing and stability. On the upside, it's attractive and has a decent feature set, if only those features worked even half the time. As many others have said, this company won't be around much longer given the poor quality of their products.

My Business' Lifeline!
Matthew Franklin Carter

I've been using Daylite for three years now and it's had it's high and low moments. Daylite 4 changes all of that! Great, timely support along with tons of great features keeps our business focused on what we want to do, make more money. We are able to track our most valuable resource, people. The BEST CRM around, period.

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